Isle of lendore

[Day 4-6] Account of Humans arguing

Five players -
monk Terent
warblade Al’lien
fighter Josh
kineticist Marlow
druid Pyfiravin
Absent – spell thief Jack

So we all arrived on time!! That was cool! DM had a little difficulty dealing with that. But we were all good, Marlow’s player had to go home to get his electronic character sheet, and Josh’s player with Terent’s player’s help needed to finish up her character sheet. So we didn’t start on time or anything.

The players remembered that they were in the forest in a discussion about how to stop Alex Ward (human) and the Kenku village from (hired to) attacking travellers, (hired to) selling weapons and armour to nearby natives (lizardfolk, etc), making profit from coinage found on travellers, making profit from selling weapons.

Pyfiravin here,

So the party had a discussion about attempting to stop travellers, about intercepting Kenku as they attack travellers, about intercepting weapons’ sales… Non-violent solutions to the problem. And more discussion about who is hiring them to a) attack the travellers, b) sell weapons to arm native groups.
More violent solutions: If we attacked 50 Kenku living on the platforms, we would die. We had a hard time in a fight with three of them. We did discuss withering their trees or in some other way affecting the coffee plantation and their habitat so they couldn’t focus on economic gain.

Frankly, I revel in discussion and debate, raptorans really enjoy that.
Then there were long discussions – about the disposition of the weapons cache – a quarter ton of weapons – taken from Kenku cart. [That took a while, DM sat back and smiled. While the arguments were circular, overall the party dynamic and understanding of roles was developing. It was important in a new group who hadn’t all played together.] To deal with them locally? To take them back to Kronten with a sit rep (sorry situation report)? Pros and cons…
As a raptoran, I felt it was rather a short discussion. We usually have someone to represent the absent parties perspectives, and our discussions/debates can go on for some days. So although I find this band of humans I have joined through the Walk of the Four Winds strange and hard to understand, it was nice to see that they engage in similar activity, although rudimentary. We usually convene to our debate chamber for these matters, but this discussion just happened everywhere.

We quickly agreed we needed to pay the blood money. I collected the three black pearls we had stolen from the Kenku, and paid the blood money back to them, using those three black pearls. This was accepted by the Kenku.

Eventually on Josh’s suggestion, we took the weapons cache on the cart south toward Restenford. It was grand having all those strong folk able to pull the cart, since we have no horse, Al’lien, Josh, and Terent all took turns.

The wolf and I foraged for food for the party. While we were in a stand of woods, the wolf was surrounded and attacked by a wolf/dog pack. I managed to pull the wolf into my tree (still hunting by climbing and gliding) and we ended up being treed for an hour or so. When I attacked the lead wolf with my foot bow, it loped away, and shortly after, a 5’ tall, dog-headed humanoid creature, covered in red hair told us to go. Wolf and I were happy to do so, and left the woods immediately. The rest of the party had realized our absence and was coming to the rescue as we were heading away.

The following day, we were getting close to Restenford when we were ambushed by a half orc and some goblins on the road. The half orc suggested he had been looking for us for five days, and wanted us to immediately stop in our task of stopping the attacks along this road.
We dealt with this much better than our namesake Hobgoblin attack. Terent, and Al’lien got on the cart and used it as a defensive position and cover. Marlow joined them. Josh headed off into the bush beside the road to take on a goblin, as did wolf. They each killed a goblin, with Marlow’s help. I was in the air at the time and managed to only tip the half-orc before it reached the cart and was dealt with by those there. The goblins were all killed, Josh made his first kill, Terent again managed not to kill anyone. The half-orc was captured unconscious. We brought him back round, and questioned him, but he refused to cooperate.

The half-orc had a scroll describing us, but including the hawk animal companion that we lost shortly after leaving Kronten. Someone is looking for the party whose information is based on when we left Kronten. It appears not to be a safe place to go.

[Josh’s player has to leave about here]
The half-orc escaped. And first wolf, and then the rest of us, raced after him. We caught him again, and again he was knocked out. (Lots of fun grapples, and sub-dual damage.)

Al’lien and Pyfiravin go to Restenford, and learn that anyone arrested would be executed for assault. So bringing him there to be tried would not be an acceptable solution to members of our party. The rest of the party guards the half-orc. The party negotiates with a farmer on the way to Restenford to dig a ditch for him. The cache of weapons is buried in the ditch on the farmer’s land.

Pyfiravin cures the half-orc, which is not doing well. Marlow, in secret, tries to kill it. We appear to be working at cross purposes toward the same goal – not have a prisoner tagging along with us for an extended period.

The half orc is tied with silk rope this time, but not as well as last time. He escapes again, on Pyfiravin’s watch. She loosens the half orc’s bonds, and cures him before he goes. Officially, she doesn’t really notice, and passes the watch to Terent, who then wakens Marlow. Marlow, furious at the escape, wakens everyone to track the half orc. Tracking takes some time to succeed. We eventually find an orc cave entrance a mile or so north of Bald Hill, and are attacked by orcish archers. Since we are fatigued, and in no state to fight (especially me with just about no rest at all – Marlow and I will have to have this out), we withdraw to rest, closer to the road (near initial half orc ambush site). We sleep 12 hours or so to the next day, enough to banish the fatigue.


That is where the game ended.

[There was a discussion post game about experience points being granted for role-playing. The DM broached an idea of players nominating other players who role played well: My nomination overwhelmingly is for Marlow’s player. So if this is instituted, I really feel he should be getting extra experience points for this evening.]

[Terent’s player thinks that if long discussions become common, a party leader will have to be instituted. Al’lien’s player thinks so too? The discussions, while very good for role playing and character development, are bad for most other aspects of the game, especially plot advancement and party cohesion.
Terent’s player also thinks that the dog-headed creature is a hound archon, a celestial. He has yet to research it, however. (Pyf and Terent’s players believe that researching monsters during game or before the plot regarding them is resolved is tantamount to cheating).
Terent’s playe also thinks that voting experience to each other, while a good idea, could be divisive. He also feels that his character has more stringent alignment restrictions than everybody else, and so would/should receive the vote the most or least times, depending on what you qualify as good role playing. Is withholding yea/nay vote on the issue until further discussion and thought.]

DM’s party progress statistics

After sessions 3
Hours played: 13
In game days completed: 11
Total exp earned: 2400/7200
Net treassure aquired: 1150/6000
Planned encounters overcome: 4 1/3 /17

Nominal expected progress:
After sessions 3
Hours played: 15-18
In game days completed: 5
Total exp earned: 3600/7200
Net treassure aquired: 3000/6000
Planned encounters overcome: 9 /17



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