Isle of lendore

[Day 6- ] Dungeons aren't for Druids

DM, Pyfiravin, Al’lien, Terent
Absent Josh Marlow

Well we went to Restenford, crossed the bridge, walked another 440 yards or so,and searched around the burnt out guard post as Lord Lankin the camouflage night elf suggested. There were the remains of a common room, a barracks, an armoury. Around the back (south entrance), was the remains of jail with cells, and a bedroom.
It took us a while to find the entrance, of course it was the last place we looked. We lifted up the flagstones in the bedroom, and found a hole down into the ground. We ended going up and down out of the hole a few times, back above ground, which is fine by me. Fortunately Al’lien had a rope, cause the hole was too small to glide through, and wolf needed to be lowered and raised. We’d recover, and purchase things like new spears, and other items, or sell off what we found. I managed to commission a new foot-bow, but it is going to take a long time to have it made by the boyer, and it cost a lot.
The place down there is dark as all get out, so we needed more sources of light (that was the first time we left), and it isn’t like the raptoran caves at all. First there is much too low a ceiling to properly spread and flap ones wings, the doorways are so narrow I need to keep my wings all tucked in. And the creatures down there are nothing I have ever seen before. They aren’t natural creatures at all. They don’t feel right. We succeeded in killing them all, although I’m not sure that is the right way to say it, since they were already back from the dead; I’m not sure what it is called to make them dead again. How Terent kept smashing them I don’t know, they are repulsive. There weren’t any plants that we saw. Which means I am having to use different spells. And not having a foot-bow, not that I can use it down there, was difficult, I was glad to go back up and get a sling at least.
The first cavern room was limestone with a somewhat shaped out room, and it had skeletons in it. They were hard to deal with. They didn’t lie quietly on the floor, or in their graves. They attacked us, and some of our weapons weren’t much use against them, as my spears and weapons like that just go through them. There was the remains of a chest in that room that held an ornate dagger, silver and obsidian hilt and sheath, with a leather belt, a gold medallion with a jade centrepiece on a chain, and a ducky little wooden box that unfortunately held a broken vial.
Al’lien put on the dagger, and when he did up the clasp on the belt, he was paralyzed. I tried to take it off him, and that paralyzed me too. Fortunately the paralysis didn’t last too long. We sold the dagger after that, and the gold medallion (we found out it was a golem bane medallion). Al’lien needs better armour, and I am trying to replace my foot-bow.
We opened the door to the next room and found it contained, the remains of a pantry and kitchen, a small hearth, and a rack that used to contain spears. Here we were attacked by zombies with heavy shields, long swords, and protected by scraps of chain mail, slow moving, and then ghouls, which had nasty claws and a dangerous bite. We managed to keep them from coming out of the kitchen at us, and fought them one at a time, so we could handle them. I think we would all have suffered much more otherwise.
The last attempt we had going underground took us through two doors that lead off the kitchen. The first room, on the left was the remains of a bedroom. Nothing of interest in it, except a secret door. When we opened it, the room filled with a greenish gas, and we suffered from a poison. Terent and I were weakened, slower to react. We went on ahead through the secret door though into a small room with nothing in it. It had another secret door into a very small room with a chest. We carried the chest out into the first room, where there was fresh air coming in from above. In the chest we found a small wax sealed vial. I tasted and smelt it. It was a strong cure. So I wrapped it in feathers and put it in my ducky little box and asked Al’lien to carry it. That way if I’m ever knocked out, he’ll hopefully be able to assist me.
Then we waited for the gas to clear, I did use my wings to waft it away, and then we headed for the right hand door. We again heard shuffling noises behind this door, so we used our now well planned strategy. Marlow stands well back and holds a light so we can see. Pyfiravin opens the door so that she is protected by it, Al’lien and Terent and wolf attack whatever comes through. If there is more than one creature, we shut the door so we only deal with one at a time. Unfortunately, although we could see the ghoul and the skeleton, neither came through the door. Al’lien went through first to attack the ghoul, Terent went for the skeleton. Wolf went next, and I was last to take on the ghoul with my spears.
When we had a chance to look around, we saw a short passage leading off into a small chamber, and then the passage continued beyond. There was a huge rat, dead in the passage. And there the chamber seems to be shaped by claws rather than tools. We decided to stop there, as Terent and I were still suffering from the effects of the poison. We’re holed up in the Tavern of the West Wind (mage run), but it is dreadful. A tree is a much better place to be. There are people all around, and wolf and I aren’t very comfortable. I’m going to see if I can go spend some time on the roof, and perhaps drift down from there. I need some air in my wings, not smoke from the common room hearth. The food is very cooked, breads, and stews and whatnot. I’d prefer to be in the bush. But I need to help Terent heal up, and he needs to help me, so I’ll suffer through this. We’ve paid for our lodgings for everyone for the next few days.
But we haven’t even found the rats Lord Lankin spoke of, nor the magical tome, nor any sense of a magical aura. It looks like we might find them on our next attempt, but the dead rat we saw was nothing like rats I’ve seen, it was almost three feet long.


Our DM ran us through a great game, lots of traps, which we triggered regularly, and a great mix of horrible undead creatures. We had a good time and missed Josh and Marlow. We’re hoping we can play next weekend, so speak up and let us know availability.
Levelling was very exciting. Imagine level 2. By fluke (die rolls) I have the most hit points in the party, although a low AC still. And now that Al’lien has some healing ability, I may be able to afford to take an interesting spell or two occasionally.
Thanks so much to our DM.

Nespin wrote:
> For the benefit of those who weren’t there – the three of us who were there have hit Level 2. Pyf has another foot-bow commissioned (though it will not be ready for quite a while). I took a level of Crusader, so our healing problem isn’t quite as bad. We cleared out a decent chunk of a dungeon (y’all missed some fairly good treasure!).



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