Isle of lendore

Search for the Sword of Eludicea

a kobold who knows

Ilde Dankin
party is level 7/8

Location Stormport – [Day 255]

A bit of background – the party searching for the location of the Sword of Eludicea to return it to her, to atone for harm done to her – a paladin succubus.

There are three possible locations for the sword on Lendore.
1. Under a major goblin camp – upper level(s) are goblin cave. The goblin caves are under the mountain range in the centre of Lendore
2. A wizard cave that is east of the Eastern Path on the way to Mokdrev (port town on the Eastern coast of Lendore)
3. An unknown cave – possibly near Stormport??

Evander casts mount and the party heads toward to the wizard location for the sword of Eludicea.
[Day 256] – camp on the way to Kronten. Evander scrys again (His previous 3 attempts in previous game failed.) for a creature that knows where the Sword is – he fails.
[Day 257] – scry again fails
We see a Troll who killed some bugbears – it flees. We reach Kronten. Ilde visits her patron in Kronten. The party continues past Kronten.
[Day 258] On the way to Restenford (continuing east) the scry succeeds.
Evander sees a kobold – sleeping in a room with other kobolds. The room is made of stone, a dirt floor. The kobolds are sleeping against walls of stone, windows high up light up the room.
Evander casts message to wake up the kobold. The kobold lies and says it does not know where the sword is. Evander describes the sword. He offeres a share of the wealth uncovered in searching for the sword. Terent through the message spell, speaks to the kobold.

The kobold agrees to contact Evander with a place for a meeting.

The party travels past the kenku village on the way from Kronten to Restenford.
[Day 259] Travel to Restenford. Ilde meets an elf, Cyric, from Mokdrev while in Restenford at one of the taverns. She buys him a drink and finds out more about the route to Mokdrev.

The party takes the trail towards Mokdrev and then will need to turn off. We camp by Lake Resten. Evander scrys on the kobold, who is in a partially hewn 5ft tunnel.
[Day 260] uneventful.
We agree to meet the kobold at Eagle’s Peak (the fortress at the crest of the eastern pass) on Day 278 (in three weeks – 18 days – 6 day weeks) – 6 days after Moon 1’s full moon and 3 days after Moon 3’s full moon.
[Day 261] Party heads off road, a track leads towards the mountains. A knocked over sign-post written in Common and Dwarven says Mage Harken Keeper of Tomb Steppe Welcomes bearers of the dead.
At night fall, the party encounters two elves riding horses – not in uniform. They seek bandits, deserters from the Tirrenean army. The patrol has been out for 10 days from Kronten. Up ahead there is an old graveyard. Giant insects, walking statues (human) defend the tomb made of stone. A necromancer used to be there.
[Day 262] Party sets out again. We see a squad of goblins. We continue on the path onto the plateau, looking over the steppe – necropolis, graves, mausoleums. A ruined tower in the centre ~ 40 ft in diamer. At the top of the tower appears to be a very large nest.
A sign on the Necropolis – NO ENTRY
As we approach the tower, which is built on a small hummoch, there is a ruined gateway into the hummoch – a pair of rusted battered iron doors.



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