Isle of lendore

The tale of a heroic dragonborn

Theimer explodes the arsenal (from inside)

Loucetious Kobbold Male Knight 6th level – protector of Rzogas
Rzogas Hobgoblin Male Swordsage 7th level (Absent)
Theimer (Rach Thrae Frahr) Dragonborn[Heart][Elf] Male Dragon Shaman 7th level
Pyfiravin Raptoran Female Druid 8th level
Terent Dwarf Male Monk 7th level
(need to confirm some of the above)

Pyfiravin here. I’m just too trusting I guess, or stupid. I believed Theimer when he convinced me that he was going to go meekly back to the guest quarters at Eagle’s Peak, leaving the feast in our honour early. He wasn’t going to take immediate action against the green spawn here.

He already left once all upset about something. He and I flew above Eagle’s Peak so he could explain the problem. The creatures living here are all evil – kobolds, forest elves, and a scattering of other folk. Clearly he hadn’t realized up to now that the task we’re completing of getting rid of the Lamia and its cohorts for Lord Lankin means we’re doing something for TLB. It was just too much for him. He couldn’t look Bahamut in the eye if he’d left them here hale and hearty.

Outcome was that Theimer died in the arsenal as he blew himself and a couple of others up in the Eagle’s Peak fortifications. [We all had to work hard to roleplay and not rush off to his rescue.] Loucetios was putting on his armour and fetching yours. Terent, Rzogas, and I were going to check Theimer’s quarters when the blast went off.

There is about a month’s work to do to fix the fortification wall (60′×40′×20′), even with Terent and I helping the kobbold teams every day. So we’ll be here a month if there is anything you want to do.

Loucetios is learning to fly a hippogryph at Eagle’s Peak from a rather lovely half elf lady of noble background he met at the feast.

Thanks to a rather charismatic raptoran I met at the feast, I am also learning to rethink the raptoran way, and look at a way of flying without being subject to the pact of Lords of the Air. I’m also in discussions with Terent about good and evil. Theimer’s death has really made me rethink why I am here doing what I am doing, and whether helping evil people can be good. Theimer was very black and white about things. I’m not sure whether anything I’m engaged in is really in support of good. Terrant is good to talk to about these things. I need to find a clearer way.

We have committed to completing this task for Lord Lankin. It will help defend TLB’s position. I am torn between concern for the evil natives of Lendore and the good colonizers who are usurping their homes. No black and white there.

So we spend time rebuilding the wall, which in all conscience I need to aid in rebuilding, since a member of our group destroyed it. I did daily circle dances until I figured out where in the mountain at the head of the pass the Lamia must be, and I spent three days summoning Thoqqua to dig me a reasonable sized passage, that at least Rzogas and I can both fit in (everyone else seems smaller). On the fourth day, so about a week after the explosion, a manticore came out of my tunnel, and attacked me. I high-tailed it back to the fortress to get some help from the others.

Next game we’re to encounter an elven wizard. And Loucetios is seriously considering staying at Eagle’s Peak. I think he is smitten, and a knight could comfortably stay on at Eagle’s Peak. There were plenty of folk at the feast, travellors and such. I’ve still not met them all, nor figured out who they are. But with a month here, likely we’ll meet up with more of them. Though the defenders of the pass are leary of taking on the Lamia, we may find someone interested in digging into the mountain.



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