Drasin. The egg.



Incubating brown dragon egg. Stats unknown.

Previously a Chaotic Good Human Dragonfire Adept, with green-dragon ancestry.


“You know aunty?”
-Drasin, upon hearing the party knew TLB

Drasin was previously a human with some green dragon ancestry somewhere deep back in his family tree. He lived quite a normal life…until the ancestry asserted itself. Being a chaotic but good natured fellow with blood insisting you must be a crule but rule-following tyrant drove him rather around the bend.

He claimed to be the nephew of The Lady of Brightwater, but this was likely a lie. He was, however, at least affiliated with her – apparently his skills were useful enough to be worth putting up with his more than slight insanity. He joined the party in order to keep an eye on them, as they had been of some use to the lady previously.

Drasin is currently an egg for a brown (swamp-dwelling dragon), having had his wish of “I wanna be a dragon!” granted by an Efreeti

Probable Quote after hatching: “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Drasin. The egg.

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