Russian lolcat, or demon-binding tourist?


Catfolk. Pactbinder. Dead.


“I call upon hyu, Paimon the Dancer. Grant me pover, und experience life vunce more. Now zen…let us dance.”
-Messer, binding Paimon.

Messer was a catfolk who was, in effect, playing tourist. When asked where he came from he would respond with “An island, in zat direction. Or maybe zat one.”, or similarly vague responses. Messer came from a culture that believed quite strongly in the importance of ancestral spirits, and who forsook normal spellcasting in favour of pactbinding.

Messer was mainly adventuring in order to see the world (According to him, he reached Islara by walking out and working on a boat for a bit. The third boat he tried this on didn’t attack him on sight.) He felt quite strongly that someone once dead should stay dead, so that their spirit could properly aid their tribe in the afterlife.

He was last seen being bitten by a fiendish pleosaur. Recovery from his current condition of death seems incredibly unlikely.


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