Str 12, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 17, Cha 8
HP 51 + DM roll
Init 2
Speed 30 ft, 40 glide fly
AC 16 Touch 12, FF 15
F +8, R +4, W +9 +4 vs spell like ability of fey
BAB +6/
Grapple 7
Skills Climb +4, Concentration +7, Handle Animal +3 (w/Circlet of Persuasion CoP), Heal +6 (w/
2 healing belt), Jump +14, Knowledge Nature +6, Listen +7, Spellcraft +4, Spot +9, Survival +6

+2 Climb, +10 Jump, +2 Spot

Lang: Common, Druidic, Tuilvilanuue

Class abilities
2 Knowledge Nature, +2 Survival
Spontaneous Casting – trade for any Summon Nature’s Ally
Nature Sense (Ex) +2 knowledge nature, survival
Wild Empathy (Ex) Improve attitude of animal D20
druid lvl + Cha mod
Woodland stride (Ex)move through undergrowth
Wildshape Druid Wildshape rules
Feats: Point Blank, Precise Shot, Natural Spell

Animal companions
Over the duration of the campaign, Pyfiravin has different animal companions: hawk, snakes Coral, wolves, bison, dire wolf

Level 8

Footbow +1 Strength Composite MW
Longspear MW
Spear, thrown MW
Quarterstaff MW
Scimitar +1
Sap MW


Original info:
Personal Story:

Physical description:
dark skin, brown eyes, marine blue feathers with some grey irridescence, scar running from forehead across face and then onto chest from a crash gliding. Gained from gliding in a storm during the day, too absorbed in lightning to watch what I was doing. Now – 6’2", 140 lbs Age 23.

Raptoran – 12 foot wingspan, feathered on the head and neck, soft down feathers on the body, make it very soft. None on the face. Wings with a series of interlocking ligaments which allow the wings to lock during flight. Feathers down the spine and tail feathers approx 2 feet long, fanning out from the coccyx using muscle and ligaments control direction, and altitude. Tail and wing can close up or open and tilt to control flight as necessary.

Names: Birth name: Pyfiravin Nickname, not shared outside flock family: Zairharia Family name: Kethae
Not yet entitled to an adult name.

Nature worship and most interested in the Tuilvileen god Lliendil (Lord of the Clouds/Stormfather)
Very interested in the seasons and cycles of the seasons. Celebrate the Longest night (winter solstice).

My flock is one of about 65 individuals. Approx 45 adults, and 20 children. Our cliffs go straight down to the lake, and we can only enter from over the water, so the dwellings are well protected. In outdoor seasons we split into several groups. One travels downstream some five days travel to a camp located on a sandy shore accessible only via a steep incline, or by water. The sand is very good there are the glassmakers go there. Another is over in the next valley on a plateau, where there is good hunting of large meat animals, goats, deer, that have carried the flock through many a winter. Good plants there that are dried or preserved for the winter months, some root vegetables also, and many berries. The last one is in a very warm valley, where there are many small animals to be caught, and much fruit on the trees. Interesting herbs are gathered there. A most beautiful spot to fly out over the valley at night. I have not been there for some years.

I was for some time delayed from being allowed to start on the Walk of the Four Winds – too cautious after the crash that gave me scar.

When I was 19 and on patrol, we encountered a human in our territory on his own. We approached him and he indicated he was travelling through our lands. After unusually prolonged debate, it was decided that it would be best if he was watched as there was some question about his motives. I agreed to accompany him, in an effort to make the watch more companionable. Marlow as he turned out to be, never really explained where he was going or why. It was clear that he had no idea how to survive outside of a civilized area. So I spent two months with him crossing our territory and beyond, taking him in the direction he wished to go. I learned a lot about him. He was diurnal, fit, about my age, but much heavier than my eggmates, though smaller. He knew about things, and asked about things I hadn’t thought about, so we had many interesting discussions and debates. It was a comfortable time for me, I could glide when I wanted but he was just as happy when we both walked. Without the pressure, I started to glide more. It was different to always speak another language, to be away from the flock for so long, to be in the company of a creature so different from us.

I took a season mate when 20 (an egg mate who could fly (Tynes aged 22 at the time, cream coloured wings), and was learning the glass making profession) for one season only, and hatched two children (boy Fiefel, and girl, Sumrahd) both of whom had feathers of an irridescent grey green, whom we raised in community with their egg mates. There were three others that year, and they were the first eggs hatched to the community in four years. They are about 3 now, and stopped suckling a season or two ago.

I left the Kethae camp where I have been living until a few months ago, as I have finally been given permission to start the Walk of the Four Winds. It was a wrench to leave the community and family, but the children are starting to glide. My father, my uncle and sister are still there. I had to grow beyond being timid to being more courageous. Several times I was put to the test, and I am comfortable now taking initiative and going first in addressing a problem. I had to dive into the lake to pull out an elder who had crashed into the water and damaged a wing. My strength helped as I can lift more than many others in the camp. I was able to bring her to the surface. And then I took a very avant guarde stance in a debate for creatures and intelligent beings who choose to live underground. My observations of burrowing animals helped there. It was part of a much larger decision about whether an access should be opened out onto the land of a neighbouring flock, from underground for dwarves to move across their territory. Our flock’s territory would be affected by the movement of these beings.

I have developed my glides significantly in that time, and I hunt from the air. I jump, climb or use an updraft spell to reach a height I can get a good glide from. I am learning to use the height to get a very good feel for what is going on around me for a considerable distance away. I have found it easy to stay away from civilization. I have found it a rejuvenating time to be alone. I have had three encounters with three people since I left. A dryad disinclined to conversation, and a halfling tribe who bartered my gathered herbs for a couple of spearheads, and another raptoran from an adjacent flock, just as I was leaving that flocks territorial boundary. I have developed strong skills living on my own. Knowledge of plants, animals, the cycles of the season, are strong in me.

I built a small grove after some time of just travelling. I recognized it was not permanent, as I am leaving this land to cross the salt water looking for chances which will help develop the strength I need for longer glides.

I have returned to my tendancy to be awake more during the daytime, awakening around noon, falling asleep after moonrise, and before the deepest night, so around 3-4 a.m. It is helping me to explore the plant life around me, and to help me get over the cautiousness I got from crashing when gliding during daylight hours.

I am using plants to develop salves and tinctures to look after myself and animals around me.
As with most raptorans, I don’t raise or consume domestic meat, dairy animals, eggs are unthinkable. I do consume domesticated and wild birds.

I met and befriended a hawk as a companion.

I miss the debate and discussion of ideas and differences with others. Doing it with myself has kept dialogue active. Nature, rivers, mammals, insects, birds, the odd magical beasts, forests, plants growing on the verges, in clearings, and meadows while sometimes providing material, are not a great source of debators.

I carry a small magnifying lens for seeing stars and the surroundings at a greater magnification. I would love some day to have a liessit, since seeing the beauty from those prisms and lenses.

Very uncertain as to correct behaviour among other races.

So right now, unsure of how to fit in with a multi-racial community as my experience has been pretty homogeneous raptoran, lonely for debate and companionship. Still focussed on building up my glide strength enough to fly the 80 feet needed to fly the acceptable distance to be accepted as an adult in my flock.

I kept travelling to the shores. After living by the water for some time, I have decided to venture into the local civilized place and find a way off TiranĂ©e. I have found a place where there is a ship that travels to the next land. While waiting for the ship I have met a couple of humans. They are quite different than my recollection of Marlow. Both Terent and Al’lien are journeying. They have been friendly and we have struck up conversation and debate. It has been a welcome change from the solitude. Terent is strong in his beliefs. Al’lien and I are getting along well.


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