A big damn hero, and boy does he know it.


Race: Dragonborn[Elf]
Class: Dragon Shaman[Copper totem]

More to come whenever I have access to his sheet.


“May the righteous fires of Bahamut CLEANSE THIS PLACE OF EVIL!”
-Theimer, during a fight with cultists of the Burning Scroll

Theimer was originally an elf on the Terrenian mainland. At a relatively young age he had the “pleasure” of watching his entire village in the trees get devoured by a green dragon. This scared his mind more than a little. His heart full of knowledge of the evils of dragon kind (why do they so love to eat elves anyways?), he was in the right mindset to hear the call of Bahamut.

Being more than willing to fight against the evil dragons and their spawn, he underwent the right of rebirth almost immediately. He arrived in Lendor quite recently, and is driven by an urge to be heroic and to defend the people.

While he has become aware of the presence of evil dragons on Lendor, at present he is despairing as to his ability to dispatch them. This is largely due to the apparent apathy of the people who he expected to rise up and fight the righteous fight for their liberty.


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