Isle of lendore

Search for the Sword of Eludicea
a kobold who knows

Ilde Dankin
party is level 7/8

Location Stormport – [Day 255]

A bit of background – the party searching for the location of the Sword of Eludicea to return it to her, to atone for harm done to her – a paladin succubus.

There are three possible locations for the sword on Lendore.
1. Under a major goblin camp – upper level(s) are goblin cave. The goblin caves are under the mountain range in the centre of Lendore
2. A wizard cave that is east of the Eastern Path on the way to Mokdrev (port town on the Eastern coast of Lendore)
3. An unknown cave – possibly near Stormport??

Evander casts mount and the party heads toward to the wizard location for the sword of Eludicea.
[Day 256] – camp on the way to Kronten. Evander scrys again (His previous 3 attempts in previous game failed.) for a creature that knows where the Sword is – he fails.
[Day 257] – scry again fails
We see a Troll who killed some bugbears – it flees. We reach Kronten. Ilde visits her patron in Kronten. The party continues past Kronten.
[Day 258] On the way to Restenford (continuing east) the scry succeeds.
Evander sees a kobold – sleeping in a room with other kobolds. The room is made of stone, a dirt floor. The kobolds are sleeping against walls of stone, windows high up light up the room.
Evander casts message to wake up the kobold. The kobold lies and says it does not know where the sword is. Evander describes the sword. He offeres a share of the wealth uncovered in searching for the sword. Terent through the message spell, speaks to the kobold.

The kobold agrees to contact Evander with a place for a meeting.

The party travels past the kenku village on the way from Kronten to Restenford.
[Day 259] Travel to Restenford. Ilde meets an elf, Cyric, from Mokdrev while in Restenford at one of the taverns. She buys him a drink and finds out more about the route to Mokdrev.

The party takes the trail towards Mokdrev and then will need to turn off. We camp by Lake Resten. Evander scrys on the kobold, who is in a partially hewn 5ft tunnel.
[Day 260] uneventful.
We agree to meet the kobold at Eagle’s Peak (the fortress at the crest of the eastern pass) on Day 278 (in three weeks – 18 days – 6 day weeks) – 6 days after Moon 1’s full moon and 3 days after Moon 3’s full moon.
[Day 261] Party heads off road, a track leads towards the mountains. A knocked over sign-post written in Common and Dwarven says Mage Harken Keeper of Tomb Steppe Welcomes bearers of the dead.
At night fall, the party encounters two elves riding horses – not in uniform. They seek bandits, deserters from the Tirrenean army. The patrol has been out for 10 days from Kronten. Up ahead there is an old graveyard. Giant insects, walking statues (human) defend the tomb made of stone. A necromancer used to be there.
[Day 262] Party sets out again. We see a squad of goblins. We continue on the path onto the plateau, looking over the steppe – necropolis, graves, mausoleums. A ruined tower in the centre ~ 40 ft in diamer. At the top of the tower appears to be a very large nest.
A sign on the Necropolis – NO ENTRY
As we approach the tower, which is built on a small hummoch, there is a ruined gateway into the hummoch – a pair of rusted battered iron doors.

The tale of a heroic dragonborn
Theimer explodes the arsenal (from inside)

Loucetious Kobbold Male Knight 6th level – protector of Rzogas
Rzogas Hobgoblin Male Swordsage 7th level (Absent)
Theimer (Rach Thrae Frahr) Dragonborn[Heart][Elf] Male Dragon Shaman 7th level
Pyfiravin Raptoran Female Druid 8th level
Terent Dwarf Male Monk 7th level
(need to confirm some of the above)

Pyfiravin here. I’m just too trusting I guess, or stupid. I believed Theimer when he convinced me that he was going to go meekly back to the guest quarters at Eagle’s Peak, leaving the feast in our honour early. He wasn’t going to take immediate action against the green spawn here.

He already left once all upset about something. He and I flew above Eagle’s Peak so he could explain the problem. The creatures living here are all evil – kobolds, forest elves, and a scattering of other folk. Clearly he hadn’t realized up to now that the task we’re completing of getting rid of the Lamia and its cohorts for Lord Lankin means we’re doing something for TLB. It was just too much for him. He couldn’t look Bahamut in the eye if he’d left them here hale and hearty.

Outcome was that Theimer died in the arsenal as he blew himself and a couple of others up in the Eagle’s Peak fortifications. [We all had to work hard to roleplay and not rush off to his rescue.] Loucetios was putting on his armour and fetching yours. Terent, Rzogas, and I were going to check Theimer’s quarters when the blast went off.

There is about a month’s work to do to fix the fortification wall (60′×40′×20′), even with Terent and I helping the kobbold teams every day. So we’ll be here a month if there is anything you want to do.

Loucetios is learning to fly a hippogryph at Eagle’s Peak from a rather lovely half elf lady of noble background he met at the feast.

Thanks to a rather charismatic raptoran I met at the feast, I am also learning to rethink the raptoran way, and look at a way of flying without being subject to the pact of Lords of the Air. I’m also in discussions with Terent about good and evil. Theimer’s death has really made me rethink why I am here doing what I am doing, and whether helping evil people can be good. Theimer was very black and white about things. I’m not sure whether anything I’m engaged in is really in support of good. Terrant is good to talk to about these things. I need to find a clearer way.

We have committed to completing this task for Lord Lankin. It will help defend TLB’s position. I am torn between concern for the evil natives of Lendore and the good colonizers who are usurping their homes. No black and white there.

So we spend time rebuilding the wall, which in all conscience I need to aid in rebuilding, since a member of our group destroyed it. I did daily circle dances until I figured out where in the mountain at the head of the pass the Lamia must be, and I spent three days summoning Thoqqua to dig me a reasonable sized passage, that at least Rzogas and I can both fit in (everyone else seems smaller). On the fourth day, so about a week after the explosion, a manticore came out of my tunnel, and attacked me. I high-tailed it back to the fortress to get some help from the others.

Next game we’re to encounter an elven wizard. And Loucetios is seriously considering staying at Eagle’s Peak. I think he is smitten, and a knight could comfortably stay on at Eagle’s Peak. There were plenty of folk at the feast, travellors and such. I’ve still not met them all, nor figured out who they are. But with a month here, likely we’ll meet up with more of them. Though the defenders of the pass are leary of taking on the Lamia, we may find someone interested in digging into the mountain.

Drasin's Diary

Update from Sucia

Yo! Writing to y’all from the ruined and wet city that’s ruined. And wet. Lesse, where we started off…we were gonna face an army of fishies! They didn’t seem too happy at us, so we all hid in a building to fight em. And then we…uh…we…<at>s corpses. Pity, I liked that big doggy.

Over the next day or two, me and Sneaky Elf found some shineys, which we shared with folks, and we met a few more critters. Some leeches attacked the guys reading boring books (we roasted em), and some nice green-scaled guys (YAY GREEN!) swam through. I wonder why they covered the green with black? Green is such a nice colour. Weeeeeird.
[Day 108-112] Killing Isle of Blades Merrow‏

Questions? We have killed all the merrow who are on the Isle of Blades. There are two (so far) zombie merrow. How did they come to be, what made them undead? Where is the rest of the merrow community? underwater?

While we’re sailing towards the town of belonging to TLB (DM to give us the name of the town), can we peruse the maps and charts found in the footlocker, and discuss with the appropriate mariner on board?

DM, I’m not sure I have the passage of time correct here. Can you please confirm?
Content Not Found: drasin_ green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 5
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 5 and Coral the sea snake
Content Not Found: aerynn_ elf Rogue level 4, (Content Not Found: terent still a kobold female Monk level 3)
Content Not Found: rzogas
hobgoblin Swordsage level 4 (ECL 0)

Content Not Found: josh human Fighter level 4
unknown spellcaster -wizard?

[Day 108, not so late in the day] We search the Merrows’ bodies, and find an arcane scroll (web, invisibility, misdirection), and a divine scroll (bless, magic stone, jump), and a wand of detect magic with 46 charges remaining (use one later, amethyst decanter). [I think we sleep somewhere here??]

We see three Merrow heading from one of the several shipwrecks drawn up to the beach (in the best shape) to a cave up on the mountainside. Aerynn goes to investigate the cave. Before the entrance a large patch of a green shiny substance, not acidic. He quietly moves into a circular cavern about 25ft in diameter, central pillar, perhaps 15 ft high. There is a zombie Merrow here. Aerynn, still invisible continues past it to a second cavern. It looks U shaped, and here he comes upon a sea hag and another zombie Merrow. In this cave, he came in from the south, there is another passage leading to the south east, and a third (I believe). What Aerynn finds is that there are stone textured curtains blocking off an area near a pillar in the second cave. It isn’t really a U shaped space, but before he can investigate further, the sea hag screeches an alarm as it becomes aware of him. Aerynn manages to escape with only an ogre fist smashing into him.

We head next to the ship the Merrow came from. There is no one there, but we find several concealed stashes: 10000 cp, 1000 sp, 1 amber gem, a silver challice set with lapis lazuli, a magical amethyst decanter that is imbued with a permanent detect poison spell. We see two Merrow setting up an ambush above the cave entrance. We can’t tell if they have any ranged weapons. I fly up with the ring of invisibility to check. Should have left it to Aerynn, they hit me with several javelins – it appears they did have distance attacks. I land unconscious, still invisible, on the slope some distance from the ship. The others manage to get me back on my feet and back to the ship.

Three Merrow come down from the cave to attack. We barely make it back to their ship and set up defensive positions on deck. I summon a black bear which a Merrow kills very rapidly. We try hard to stay out of their reach, which is considerable with the long spears they carry. I call lightning, which does start to affect them, but they are hard to hit. Again I stay near to Rzogas (he needs healing with little notice) where we are holding one entrance to the ship. Coral leaves a place of safety to attack one of them. She is killed. I summon a dire wolf, Fang. We do succeed in killing them, and head to the cave. A very scary way of triggering the ambush. Rzogas has a short time with Fang before the summoning ends.

We manage to destroy the zombie Merrow in the first cave without too much danger to ourselves. Quite a different story in the next cave. The sea hag’s horrifying appearance affects Drasin’s sensibilities so much, he is weakened, and is unable to help us at all. Aerynn is dazed by the sea hag’s evil eye, and can’t move from where he stands. Rzogas and I are trying to keep us from all dying. I’m balancing healing with using the lightning against the zombie Merrow and the hag. There are almost no charges left in the wand of lessor vigour. We’re feeling very vulnerable. My last lightning bolt manages to kill the sea hag. Finally, there is only one Merrow, who is squeezing next to the pillar, and it has less mobility. Aerynn holds it off at the front, while Rzogas heads behind it. We manage to finish it, while keeping the others from dying. We find a footlocker behind the curtain. Rzogas smashes the unlocked footlocker behind the curtain. In it we find a large stack of maps and charts, 900 sp and 120 gp, a ring and a necklace inset with sun stones. We gather up our treasures and we head back to the Skate using the Bronze Griffon, to recover. [Day 109?]

Ensues a big discussion about what we should do next. Aerynn wants to explore the rest of the cave system, we haven’t eliminated the possibility of the statues being there. There is consensus that we will do that. We need to resupply though. Rzogas suggests we could go north. I’m not falling for that one. I’m not taking him north, he’ll just work himself and probably us back into that goblin uprising! Drasin makes a frightening and eminently practical suggestion that we head to the closest town to get more magical healing and alchemical supplies, at The Lady Brightwater’s. Aerynn explains that TLBThe Lady Brightwater’s favourite food is elves, and he’s one. Somehow Drasin’s reassurance that we will be accepted as we’re working for him, doesn’t make us feel much better (Raptorans descend from elves, I’m sure the difference is negligible to her.). It takes two days for us to recover from the sea hag’s horrifying effects, and to heal. That leaves us close to The Lady Brightwater’s town. [Day 110 – Day 112?]
Decision time.


[Day 115-125] Commune, Raptorans here we come? Woo hoo
Commune Questions
Please can you all take a moment to confirm the commune questions are correct. Aeerynn’s player and I are interpreting the outcome differently. I’m seeing only some of one statue on Lendore in TLB’s possession. He sees it that there could be more still on Lendore. So if we can get the questions right, we can debate logic and possibilities after. Thanks so much all.

Drasin green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 5
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 5 and Coral the sea snake
Aerynn elf Rogue level 5, (Terent now a male dwarf Monk level 5*)
Rzogas hobgoblin Swordsage level 4 (ECL 0)

Josh human Fighter level 4

Pyf here, Ready to stick by Rzogas, protect these people of mine. [Day 115] We head into the passage to the next cave. A seahag is nestled in a large pile of furs, another merrow zombie in the centre of the room. Aerynn leads the way, invisible. He sees the seahag first and again the overwhelming ugliness of the creature weakens him severely. I call lightning against the zombie, and cast Bull Strength to boost up Aerynn’s loss of strength. Able to move again, he then causes the sea hag to catch fire before he kills her, but not before she dazes first Pyf, and then Drasin. Rzogas is hurt by the merrow zombie’s long spear. I cure him. We succeed in killing the merrow zombie. I use the scroll of Lessor Restoration to further boost Aerynn’s loss of strength. We head into the next cavern, coming upon another zombie merrow, a room littered with ogre carcasses, and a terrible stench. The floor is slippery and covered with maggots. A cauldron heats in the fireplace. Drasin detects several small magic items in it, making hageyes, it appears. Aerynn, Drasin, and Coral are sickened by the effect of the room. The daze effect brings Drasin and Pyf to looking at the dancing flames in the fireplace. Aerynn takes the healing belt from Pyf, and he, Coral, and Rzogas fight off the merrow zombie. When it is all over, Aerynn finds a locked box by the fireplace. Thank goodness that Drasin in his inimitable way will bring in the Bronze Griffon. You never know with that man. Here we are, he and I dazed, really unable to do more than play pick up sticks together. And Aerynn and Rzogas weakened and infected. So despite Aerynn’s protests we head back to the Skate. I’m pretty much tied to the Griffon and pulled like a kite. It was exhilirating! We spend a week on the Skate recovering. Just as Drasin and Pyf are starting to get back on our feet, Aerynn, Rzogas, and Coral are hit by the Filth Fever. Once I am again able to cast spells, I start speeding up our recovery. Lucky we survived, thank you Drasin, Griffon. I’m flying over the ship at nights, thanking the stars, and those beyond the gods O Krykos, the unbroken circle. [Day 122] And we head back, and what do we do, either our brains have dribbled out of our heads, or a week leads to an arrogance or ignorance. I needed to spell Rzogas with Bear’s Endurance and Barkskin that he can take on these creatures. Magic Fang, Bull Strength, but no we do none of it. I should be castigated for such a failing. We do realize it is smarter to finish off the caves in the Isle of Blades from the first entrance we found, rather than the last, so we don’t take the chance of getting infected again. We head past the green slimy entrance, back to the U shaped cave, and on to the last cavern. Three merrow skeletons and an Ettin (two headed giant, maybe 12 feet tall, BIG), and of course a seahag. With Aerynn’s advice we draw the skeletons to us, through the narrow (for them) cave passage. Rzogas, using my quarterstaff, demonstrates how much more effective it is against skeletons. He jabs the staff from its sternum, up through its jaw, forces the staff backward, and snaps the skeleton, destroying it. He is so beautiful to watch when he fights. Coral goes in to attack the Ettin, it can at least be poisoned. She doesn’t succeed and the Ettin kills her. It does allow the others to approach without suffering any attacks, moving through the skeletons’ tremendous reach 10 feet arms, and 10 feet longspears. Pyf spends her time healing, and in between casting the spells to boost up Rzogas and Aerynn to keep them battling these foe. Drasin slows them, and immobilizes, saving our bacon again. Aerynn performs a spectacular sneak attack tumble against the Ettin, arrow in the eye (one of four). But we are going to have to retreat, we can’t succeed in this fight. Drasin calls the Bronze Griffon. to help Rzogas. It attacks with bite and claw fighting the Ettin, and then attacks the remaining merrow skeleton. Aerynn goes against the seahag. The Griffon finishes up the fight. We search this cave. In amongst the muck, a hageye, a sorry bag containing four white pearls, perhaps worth 90 to 100 gp each. The Ettin’s chain shirt was magical. Rzogas can make good use of it. There are no statues in the caves, though we search thoroughly. We fly back to the Skate once again, and now that we have cleared out most of the danger, the elf marines agree to come and help us search the ship graveyard. We spend three days searching the sea bottom around the island while they search the ship wrecks. There are no statues on the seabed, though we search thoroughly. There are no statues in the shipwrecks, though we search thoroughly. [Day 125] We return to the Skate to discuss our options. Rzogas and Pyfiravin believe that visiting The Lady Brightwater is our next obvious step. As an adult green dragon, she is very likely to know of treasure, if not to be holding treasure. And the statues would be worthy of including in her hoard. It is the obvious next step. Another possibility is to check South Point, the southern most west point of Lendore, where the Agamemnon might have lost the statues. Pyfiravin’s suggestion of heading up river north of Sucia, to find the third statue’s possible location is not received well. Neither Pyfiravin nor Rzogas want the other to head north at this point. Aerynn is clear. He is interested in getting rid of evil and finding treasure. He would be agreeable to removing the Sahuagin. He is not interested in seeing green dragons. Rzogas enjoys battle. As a student of the Art of War, he needs not to fight, but to fight well. He is interested in following Pyfiravin wherever she goes. Drasin is interested in following Pyfiravin wherever she goes. Drasin cannot be convinced we would survive a visit to ask the Lady Brightwater about her hoard. We consider going through her chieftains, rather than approaching her directly. We need a diplomat, for we are not one. Pyfiravin suggests Lord Lankin, an operative of hers. Perhaps he might direct us. Drasin and Aerynn are not convinced. (The DM reminds us of the augury and commune scrolls we have.) We decide to use the Commune scroll that we are carrying. Aerynn or Drasin have a chance to use the spell and see if it will help us determine our next path. We may ask nine questions. Drasin prefaces his questions to Hlal, his god, by explaining that all the questions relate to the three statues, which he describes (believed to be raptoran, giant owl, kenku made by the Yuanese) covered in gold and inlaid with gems that Pyfiravin is searching for.

Correction from Drasin’s player:

Questions are almost right. #6 & #7 also specified that we were talking about the statues that were not on lendor proper, but were within 100 miles of the coast. And, Aerynn’s player, you’re wrong. The answers we got leave no possibility of there being any more statues on lendor itself – the one in TLB’s posession is ‘part of one’, and there are no statues on the island that are NOT in her possession. 1. Are any of the statues on Lendore? YES 2. Are any of the statues on Lendore, in The Lady Brightwater’s possession? SOME OF ONE 3. Are any of the statues on Lendore, in The Lady Brightwater’s Rival’s possession? NO 4. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, on Lendore? NO 5. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore? YES 6. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore, in water? YES 7. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore, on land? YES 8. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in the Osprey Raptoran’s possession? YES 9. Question asked by Drasin to Hlal and not relayed to the remainder of the party. Will the goblins win the war? UNCLEAR As a result, after some further discussion, we decide to head to the Osprey Raptoran Island, Giant’s Claw, to the south of South Point. It will be two days travel in the Skate, and we will wait off shore for them to agree that we can travel to them, Raptorans are very territorial. They will not accept us crossing into their territory without escort. To even agree to that, will take them several days, or weeks of debate. In preparation, Pyfiravin starts getting herself ready to purify water in quantity over the next few days. (Rzogas’ player, reminder since without character sheet: Exp for 4th lvl characters 2400, 5th lvl char 2150) Aerynn levelled to fifth level.
  • From Day 93:
Terent is reincarnated as a female kobold monk, and goes off to discover the kobold world. [Unknown to us over the next thirty days or so: She gets rejected by the kobold clans and returns to Almax in Restenford for jobs and tasks to do in the name of good. Almax has Terent running errands, collecting pieces for the gnarliest bong, and she is returning from Garrotten when she is ambushed by the Steel Vipers (the mercenary group, the leader of whom, Luka, gave us our first task in this whole adventure) who are attacking a lone kobold. Terent doesn’t fight, tries to insist she is not an enemy, and is killed. Almax learns of this, and retrieves Terent and reincarnates her again, this time as a male dwarf.] [Day 125] Terent, has been a male dwarf now for several days. He finished his obligation to Almax in completing the gnarliest bong, and swears never to touch narcotics again. He heads off to an, unknown to us, destination. [Day 125] Only five days til my Str +1 footbow is made. Perhaps we should go back to Restenford and pick it up. Not sure I should face the raptorans without it.
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[Day 173-183] Theimer lycanthropy cured!!!

Meach Tiefling Female Swashbuckler/Fighter/Dervish 6th level
Rzogas Hobgoblin Male Swordsage 7th level
Theimer (Rach Thrae Frahr) Dragonborn[Heart][Elf] Male Dragon Shaman 6th level
Pyfiravin Raptoran Female Druid 7th level

The party is in Restenford. Pyf is staying out of town, and is calling an animal companion.
Meach is shopping.
Theimer is waiting for the full moon. Quarren the Abbot of Restenford is able to cure lycanthropy.

Meach does the rounds of the shops and finds a number of interesting possibilities: a 6ft mahogany pillar, a granite pillar, a chestnut ring, two chess sets, a travelling one made of balsa wood, and the second of granite, satin slippers, a hornbill bracelet, a harpsichord, a stuffed pheasant, a bronze cloakpin, some bone marbles, a limestone pyramid.

Pyfiravin continues to try and determine the location of the maker of her brooch. Lord Lankin said he wanted the brooches looked after and returned. She has not succeeded in reaching him. And she thinks she can find out where to return them using her Circle Dance spell. From Restenford, she determines the location is south west.

Pyf calls a dire wolf, and spends time getting acquainted with it.
She prepares the spells necessary to boost the lycanthropy curing, resistance, cat’s grace.

On the night of the full moon 175 Quarren and the party head to a suitable place outside Restenford to watch the full moon rising. (There are three moons, only one is full astronomy.) Fortunately, only Theimer turns to a were-rat. It is a difficult spell even with Pyfiravin’s assistance. It succeeds and Theimer is cured of the lycanthropy. Celebrations and great feelings of relief all around.

Pyfiravin wants to return to Kronten. There are devils coming through the gate. Quarren is not well enough to come and close the gate. Pyf feels there are more and more evil creatures coming through, and we should be eliminating them.
The others feel we are not yet ready to take on that threat. We can’t defeat the Osyluth threat. So the party decides to head to [Stormport] where the champions of the Kronten Challenge of Champions, the Band of Blue Blades were headed to defeat the red dragon. We are more interested in the word that there are ships there. They may be able to assist with the attacks on Kronten.

The party heads overland to Stormport, almost due west of Restenford. Horses are purchased. Pyfiravin’s spells mean the passage is much easier. The party camps with a watch each night. One night they hear a dreadful scream, and like a covey of grouse flee in different directions. Theimer flies, the others flee on foot. As they return, they are attacked by shadow mastiffs. First Rzogas is attacked, Theimer sees him, and comes to assist. Meach makes it almost to camp when she is attacked. Shadow mastiffs killed the horses. The shadow mastiffs have adamantine collars. The party is interested in making them into collars they can wear.

The party walks, Rzogas rides the dire wolf. They reach Stormport [Day 181] and head to the port.
*They learn there are pirate ships crewed by ogres, trolls, hill giants.
*The [[Emerald], a Tirranean galley from Kronten has left for Tirenée to advise them of the situation there.
*They try to find out more about the red dragon that the Band of Blue Blades have gone to vanquish. They learn that the red dragon is exacting a tithe from Stormport young lasses and valuables. It is taken to the edge of Stormport where ogres take it to the dragon.

Meach and Pyf think they might be able to be hired on as porters or guards to find out where the red dragon is. Somehow Rzogas and Theimer misunderstand completely. They believe Pyfiravin is against attacking the red dragon. They want to attack the red dragon. The Band of Blue Blades had a marvelous sword, Supernal Clarity that they believe the red dragon now has, so they want acquire it. General confusion.

[Day 182] Meach performs, Pyf casts circle dance to triangulate the location of the red dragon. She leaves for the south coast of Lendore as a hawk (where the party was once to meet the Skate), to cast Circle Dance again.
While she is gone, the party negotiates a bounty with Yanus Rel Astra, a Yunese trader, from a moderately powerful Yunese clan, to get rid of the pirates:
5000 gp for the head of the goblin Capt of the Drake
100 gp for proof of each pirate crew killed.
2000 gp – 3000 gp for each other pirate ship sunk.
100 gp for their crews.
The party loads up a Cog?? their ship? and prepares to leave.

Pyfiravin arrives at the south coast and casts circle dance. She finds the location where the brooches are made. It is in central Lendore right in TLB’s territory. It is in the same place where the remaining portion of the gold statue of the dragonet is located. Now at least she knows where to go when it is time to return the brooches.
She casts circle dance to find the red dragon and finds a location south and slightly west of Stormport.

A camouflage elf (the same race s Lord Lankin) threatens Pyfiravin. She puts her hands up in the air, to indicate she is no threat. They have a conversation, and she explains she is trying to find the location of the red dragon, and the brooches. The elf calls in an airstrike of arrows. Pyf puts on the ring of invisibility, casts updraft, shoots up into the air, turns into a hawk and flies away, but not without more arrows hitting her. She flies away to where she can heal and rest on a crag. She returns to Stormport taking a route where she can see the dragon lair location.

[Day 183] The party is in Stormport with Cog loaded and ready to leave, Pyf returns in the afternoon.

[Day 93-98] Coral and Locathah

Drasin green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 4
Rzogas hobgoblin Swordsage level 3 (ECL 0)
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 4
Terent kobold female Monk level 3, Aerynn elf Rogue level 3
Josh human Fighter level 4
Absent hélas:
unknown spellcaster – just saying at this point in the adventure, an arcane caster with fireball would be great. Short sighted view, but… we Need you!

[Day 93 almost] We’re heading north up the East coast of Lendore on our way back to Restenford. We stop at the bridge just above Restenford itself and I glide off the Skate and head over to see Almax, while the rowers turn her around. I take the shark statue of Sekolah with me, and use it as part of the payment for the reincarnation for Terent. Drasin coughs up the rest in gems and whatnot. While I’m gone, right there at the bridge, the rest of the party is accosted by Aerynn, Terent’s friend. He’s kind of hard to see at first, but Drasin spots him and they have a talk. It appears Terent wants Aerynn to help us out, and Aerynn is willing.

Terent is reincarnated as a female kobold monk, and goes off to discover the kobold world. [Unknown to us over the next thirty days or so: She gets rejected by the kobold clans and returns to Almax in Restenford for jobs and tasks to do in the name of good. Almax has Terent running errands, collecting pieces for the gnarliest bong, and she is returning from Garrotten when she is ambushed by the Steel Vipers (the mercenary group, the leader of whom, Luka, gave us our first task in this whole adventure) who are attacking a lone kobold. Terent doesn’t fight, tries to insist she is not an enemy, and is killed. Almax learns of this, and retrieves Terent and reincarnates her again, this time as a male dwarf.]

We leave on the Skate back up the Resten, and head down the coast to Mochdrev to return the statue of Deep Sashelas to the church. On the way, I call a poisonous coral sea snake as my animal companion. It is a beautiful creature of rich red, yellow and black, about six feet long. Aerynn knew Terent for about a month before Terent joined us. They became fast friends and enjoyed lots of discussion and debates together. We negotiate with Aerynn to let him use the ring of invisibility and Josh’s boots, to enhance his abilities in assisting us. I ask only that I be able to use the ring when seems necessary, and he and Josh work out an equivalent arrangement. We see some extremely large great white sharks, but we don’t stop. As we arrive in Mochdrev, we are greeted by Cyric, the aquatic elf, who seems surprised and not completely happy to see us. We ask Aerynn to follow him and see what he is about, but all we learn is that he is engaged in taking people deep sea fishing – not of much use there. When we take the statue of Deep Sashelas back to the church, they are still cleaning up the wreckage. They are very happy to have the statue returned and offer us a coffer of silver pieces. It comes in very handy and we purchase supplies there, two mirrors (steel), and gillyweed – an airweed used to allow us to breathe underwater for 10 minutes at a time.

The ship continues to resupply for the rest of the day, so we depart the following day [Day 97], South along the coast. We succeed in taking advantage of a very good North wind, and make it 56 miles down the coast before nightfall. The following day [Day 98] we reach the southern most tip of Lendore’s East coast and turn westwards and back up toward the bay where Sucia is to be found. I go to sleep at 4 am to, and the others awaken to, a cold day, snowy, and stormy. Drasin catches snow flakes.

As we reach the cove where the ruins of Sucia are, we see the wide mouth of the river. The land has fallen into the water, and most of the town is partially underwater. The buildings are submerged 5 feet or more. The river mouth is wide, perhaps 500 feet across, Sucia on the west side. We spend a couple of hours watching the ruined town for signs of habitation. And though we see a Merrow, and a couple of sharks, we don’t see other signs. We decide to check some of the larger buildings for records. There are two groups of larger buildings, one closer to the land, not so submerged, and the other closer to the river. We head in a couple of launch boats for one of the further ones, since we think the records are less likely to be damaged farther from the river. We circle around much of Sucia, and when we get there we are attacked by a crab, a very large crab. It knocks out the sea snake, but we end up enjoying a meal of crab and seaweed (no rice to be found unfortunately), before exploring the building. As we explore, we learn this is a large house of some previous important person. This isn’t where we want to be at all.

And then I remember! I have the Yuanese map of Sucia. Drasin can’t believe we forgot we had it. Rzogas didn’t remember either, and they were the two with me when we found it. I pull it out, and we pinpoint where the building that holds the archives and records is. So we retrace our steps (or paddles), and travel into the city along narrow water alleys only 15 feet wide. The launch boats take us as far as they can, sculling, which is slow. And then we get out and slosh through the water, all except Rzogas of course, who is astride his dire wolf. The water is deeper, perhaps 4 feet.

We don’t get far when we meet a group of five Locathah, red and white scales, maybe 5 feet tall, fish faces, fish folk in sharkskin leather armour carrying long spears and crossbows. We attempt to talk to them, explain we come in peace. The don’t seem very interested, and attack us. Despite our disadvantage in the water, we succeed in killing them. We pull the bodies up onto one of the buildings. I go ahead up top, to scout out the way, and I see the smoke from three fires. I use the ring of invisibility and check the two closest. In each there is a fire being doused, fish folk donning armour and weapons (in one case three, and in the other eight people.) I head back and we work out a way to go around them, and then to move faster. By setting alternating grappling hooks with ropes that those in the water could pull themselves along with, we double our speed. At one point Drasin spots a Locathah sentry, but Josh succeeds in taking it down with his cross bow. We take it up to the roof also, and continue on our way. We are about three quarters of the way to the archives, when we here drums. We need to find a place to defend ourselves as we will be sitting ducks against a large attack. From the building top, we see a three story building that looks in decent shape. We succeed in all getting up into the building, including the dire wolf. We hide in silence. Shortly after a group of sentry Locathah swim through. They use crossbows and they move fast. Of the three fish folk, one gets away and shortly after we hear drums.

We know we need to take a stand here. Our estimates of their fighting force is between 80 and 160 strong. We need to come up with some tactics to survive. On the ground level is about 4 feet of water, part of the floor to the second storey is missing, and at that level are Drasin, Rzogas, Josh, Coral the sea snake, and Rzogas’ dire wolf. On the top storey are Aerynn and Pyfiravin.. It is about 4 pm[, now day 99]. We may also need either to go for help from the marines, or to scout out the archives and see if there is even anything there worthy of our time.


[Day 6- A brown magical tome to recover

Pyfiravin here,
Once Terent and I recovered from the poisonous gas, we purchased a flask of holy water which Josh is carrying (to throw at any more undead we encounter). I had heard that getting strong spices to add to the holy water would help burn the undead, but Restenford is very lacking in any kind of hot peppers or hot spices. It was most disappointing. (and although Al’lien and I had reminded ourselves, we forgot to purchase cards, playing cards.)

So we headed back to the guardhouse, and removed the flagstones, and let ourselves down the hole. Marlow continues to carry the everburning torch, as he can function using only one hand, unlike the rest of us. Several times as we explored, mostly Al’lien with his strong sense of smell, and occasionally all of us smelt the scent of vanilla.

We went back past the kitchen to the room where the dead rat is. We investigated the room to the right. There was nothing in the room but a table and chairs, a target and some rusty knives. Al’lien broke down a locked door that led to a very long tunnel. We decided not to pursue it right away, but went back to the room with the dead rat. On the opposite side of the room, the wall didn’t appear quite right. It turned out the wall was a concealed door. Behind it, when we eventually worked our way through it, were three chests. The first held 4pp, 77gp, and 210sp. The second chest held an empty box. The third chest, a pair of boots (which I tried on, but they didn’t fit me. Turns out they are magical. Don’t recall what we did with them.) and a small velvet pouch containing 3 blood-stones, an emerald, and a diamond. (We tried appraising them, and we think they ’re worth between 500 and 550gp). Josh is carrying them.

Then we headed to the passageway beyond the dead rat. It was too big to step over. The passageway opened into an intersection. To our right was a cavern with rat nests, ahead was a cavern with a narrow passage only the rats could get through, to our left another cavern with a passageway leading off. We set up a defensive position in the intersection as we were attacked by many of these huge rats. It took a long time to kill them, there ended up being 19 of them. I felt uncomfortable coming into the rats’ territory and killing them all, when there was not a good reason to aggravate them. Several of us, Josh, Al’lien and wolf contracted a disease carried by the rats.

We had a bit of a debate before heading back in. I wasn’t sure I could wantonly kill the rats, just because I came into their space. It felt good to have a good discussion, we hadn’t done that in a while. When we headed back, I agreed to assist any of the group, my friends, but I didn’t want to kill any more rats.
We had cleared out the rats from the passage to the right, so we headed to the passage to the left. There didn’t appear to be any more rats coming from the passage dead ahead. I was hoping I could convince the rats not to attack, so I was in the lead. Suddenly we were surrounded by them, and they did come back through the centre passage. I managed not to fight any of them, although I healed Marlow. It felt good to be able to do something to help. We finally managed to regroup and fight the remaining rats off. We were just searching the space, and some of us looking to the passage continuing off to the left, when Lord Lankin (the camouflage elf) appeared. It is quite eerie how none of us can detect him, except Al’lien because Lord Lankin smelled strongly of vanilla.

Lord Lankin explained that someone had made off with the magical tome. In fact they managed to get to it before we even went down to search. He was willing to give us the healing belt as a recompense. He said a necromancer, who makes much use of undead, had taken the tome to a Yuanese Keep in some ruined fortifications to the North/Northwest of Restenford. There are bugbears there. Lord Lankin asked what we would accept to continue with this quest to retrieve the tome on behalf of the Lady of Brightwater. He took several suggestions, better armour for a couple of us. Other suggestions were made. He even thought he could get me another footbow. He is native to Lendore, and knows of Osprey Raptorans somewhere on islands not far away. He seems to be able to get us all sorts of things. I don’t understand his altruism. Why would someone charge us with something, and then compensate us when we haven’t achieved it. Lord Lankin took the time to explain a few things to me. The Lady of Brightwater wants this tome, not to use its magic, but for the prestige she gains. It is a kind of competition. Lord Lankin believes the necromancer may have taken the tome for another who is also engaged in this competition. This is quite a foreign concept to me. Lord Lankin did explain that he is on a kind of task, which he needs to fulfill, and so is willing to hire us to continue with this quest. He gave us an indication of the direction to head in, and agreed to do a reconnaissance of the keep to give us some idea ahead of time, of what we are up against.

First though we headed back to the Inn. Wolf and I are both afflicted by the rats’ bites, and need to heal. I was given the Healing Belt, and used it to heal. It is most effective, an amazing gift. We had found and took to a mage some pipes, which turn out to be Pipes of Sounding – ghost sound. Marlow said that with some research, and instruction, he could learn to make use of them. He kept them. While I was recovering, Marlow received a letter from Lord Lankin. He said we had missed a couple of items in the rat warren, and gave Marlow a cloak broach which makes him less vulnerable to attack, and a ring, that allows him to float down gently rather than falling.

Once we were healed up (and again without purchasing the playing cards), we headed out along the road. I didn’t want to go that way as it is treeless, and I need to keep practicing my flying, well gliding. So we went overland, which after discussion will take no longer than using the road. But, we ran into a group of gnolls. They were very powerful attackers with battle axes. I spent more time keeping people in one piece, including wolf, whom Al’lien saved from a vicious head splitting blow. The gnolls were very dangerous. We did find on them 42pp, and 60gp. We have reached the top of the first hill, going westwards. We are ready for a break, since the Healing Belt enjoyed much use. I am just waiting to float down this hill.


Our DM was very patient with our comings and goings this game. The players of Josh, Al’lien and Pyfiravin started off the game, Marlow arrived a while later, then Terent showed up. Josh’s player had to leave on schedule, then we played a little more, went off to find something to eat, and came back and played the gnoll encounter. It made it long and a little awkward with the party composition changing. Hats off to him.

[Day 6- ] Dungeons aren't for Druids

DM, Pyfiravin, Al’lien, Terent
Absent Josh Marlow

Well we went to Restenford, crossed the bridge, walked another 440 yards or so,and searched around the burnt out guard post as Lord Lankin the camouflage night elf suggested. There were the remains of a common room, a barracks, an armoury. Around the back (south entrance), was the remains of jail with cells, and a bedroom.
It took us a while to find the entrance, of course it was the last place we looked. We lifted up the flagstones in the bedroom, and found a hole down into the ground. We ended going up and down out of the hole a few times, back above ground, which is fine by me. Fortunately Al’lien had a rope, cause the hole was too small to glide through, and wolf needed to be lowered and raised. We’d recover, and purchase things like new spears, and other items, or sell off what we found. I managed to commission a new foot-bow, but it is going to take a long time to have it made by the boyer, and it cost a lot.
The place down there is dark as all get out, so we needed more sources of light (that was the first time we left), and it isn’t like the raptoran caves at all. First there is much too low a ceiling to properly spread and flap ones wings, the doorways are so narrow I need to keep my wings all tucked in. And the creatures down there are nothing I have ever seen before. They aren’t natural creatures at all. They don’t feel right. We succeeded in killing them all, although I’m not sure that is the right way to say it, since they were already back from the dead; I’m not sure what it is called to make them dead again. How Terent kept smashing them I don’t know, they are repulsive. There weren’t any plants that we saw. Which means I am having to use different spells. And not having a foot-bow, not that I can use it down there, was difficult, I was glad to go back up and get a sling at least.
The first cavern room was limestone with a somewhat shaped out room, and it had skeletons in it. They were hard to deal with. They didn’t lie quietly on the floor, or in their graves. They attacked us, and some of our weapons weren’t much use against them, as my spears and weapons like that just go through them. There was the remains of a chest in that room that held an ornate dagger, silver and obsidian hilt and sheath, with a leather belt, a gold medallion with a jade centrepiece on a chain, and a ducky little wooden box that unfortunately held a broken vial.
Al’lien put on the dagger, and when he did up the clasp on the belt, he was paralyzed. I tried to take it off him, and that paralyzed me too. Fortunately the paralysis didn’t last too long. We sold the dagger after that, and the gold medallion (we found out it was a golem bane medallion). Al’lien needs better armour, and I am trying to replace my foot-bow.
We opened the door to the next room and found it contained, the remains of a pantry and kitchen, a small hearth, and a rack that used to contain spears. Here we were attacked by zombies with heavy shields, long swords, and protected by scraps of chain mail, slow moving, and then ghouls, which had nasty claws and a dangerous bite. We managed to keep them from coming out of the kitchen at us, and fought them one at a time, so we could handle them. I think we would all have suffered much more otherwise.
The last attempt we had going underground took us through two doors that lead off the kitchen. The first room, on the left was the remains of a bedroom. Nothing of interest in it, except a secret door. When we opened it, the room filled with a greenish gas, and we suffered from a poison. Terent and I were weakened, slower to react. We went on ahead through the secret door though into a small room with nothing in it. It had another secret door into a very small room with a chest. We carried the chest out into the first room, where there was fresh air coming in from above. In the chest we found a small wax sealed vial. I tasted and smelt it. It was a strong cure. So I wrapped it in feathers and put it in my ducky little box and asked Al’lien to carry it. That way if I’m ever knocked out, he’ll hopefully be able to assist me.
Then we waited for the gas to clear, I did use my wings to waft it away, and then we headed for the right hand door. We again heard shuffling noises behind this door, so we used our now well planned strategy. Marlow stands well back and holds a light so we can see. Pyfiravin opens the door so that she is protected by it, Al’lien and Terent and wolf attack whatever comes through. If there is more than one creature, we shut the door so we only deal with one at a time. Unfortunately, although we could see the ghoul and the skeleton, neither came through the door. Al’lien went through first to attack the ghoul, Terent went for the skeleton. Wolf went next, and I was last to take on the ghoul with my spears.
When we had a chance to look around, we saw a short passage leading off into a small chamber, and then the passage continued beyond. There was a huge rat, dead in the passage. And there the chamber seems to be shaped by claws rather than tools. We decided to stop there, as Terent and I were still suffering from the effects of the poison. We’re holed up in the Tavern of the West Wind (mage run), but it is dreadful. A tree is a much better place to be. There are people all around, and wolf and I aren’t very comfortable. I’m going to see if I can go spend some time on the roof, and perhaps drift down from there. I need some air in my wings, not smoke from the common room hearth. The food is very cooked, breads, and stews and whatnot. I’d prefer to be in the bush. But I need to help Terent heal up, and he needs to help me, so I’ll suffer through this. We’ve paid for our lodgings for everyone for the next few days.
But we haven’t even found the rats Lord Lankin spoke of, nor the magical tome, nor any sense of a magical aura. It looks like we might find them on our next attempt, but the dead rat we saw was nothing like rats I’ve seen, it was almost three feet long.


Our DM ran us through a great game, lots of traps, which we triggered regularly, and a great mix of horrible undead creatures. We had a good time and missed Josh and Marlow. We’re hoping we can play next weekend, so speak up and let us know availability.
Levelling was very exciting. Imagine level 2. By fluke (die rolls) I have the most hit points in the party, although a low AC still. And now that Al’lien has some healing ability, I may be able to afford to take an interesting spell or two occasionally.
Thanks so much to our DM.

Nespin wrote:
> For the benefit of those who weren’t there – the three of us who were there have hit Level 2. Pyf has another foot-bow commissioned (though it will not be ready for quite a while). I took a level of Crusader, so our healing problem isn’t quite as bad. We cleared out a decent chunk of a dungeon (y’all missed some fairly good treasure!).


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