House Rules

House Rules

1. Fractional saves. Characters’ saves are determined by calculating the fractional save from each class, summing them, and then rounding down to the nearest whole number. Rather than the official method which is to round each save down and then add them. In addition the plus two bonus for a ‘good’ progression save may only be applied to each save.

2. Fraction BAB. Like save base attack bonus add the fractional bonus from each class and round down, rather than rounding down and the summing them.

3. There is no experience penalty for multiclassing.

4. All characters get the benefit of the able learner feat at no cost. The able learner feat allows you to buy cross class skills at a rate of one skill point per skill rank, rather than one point per half rank. You are still limited to the normal number maximum number of skill ranks you can have in each skill.

5. Books allowed: Extended core (all PHBs, DMGs, and MMs), the complete series, the races series, and the tomes (tome of battle and tome of magic). Magic of Incarnum and Unearthed Arcana material will usually be allowed after review. Others material may be allowed after consultation.

6. Off-hand weapons and secondary natural weapons deal bonus damage equal to the wielder’s strength modifier, rather than strength modifier divided by two.

7. The special heading of the power attack feat is ignored. Class based multipliers and other feats that affect power attack still have their normal effect.

8. All spellcasters with the ability to cast level 0 spells (cantrips and orisons) gain a number of bonus level 0 spells per day equal to their primary spellcasting stat bonus.

9. When random stat generation is used, stats are rolled using 4d6 drop the lowest value and arranged as desired. You may decrease any value rolled by two or any two values by one in order to increase another value by 1.

10. All characters gain the benefit of improved weapon familiarity feat for their race for free. This means that all weapons that include the race’s name are considered martial rather than exotic weapons.

11. Characters do not gain a *1.5 strength bonus to damage from wielding a weapon in two hands.

12. The total amount of experience required to gain a level is equal to your current level squared *1000.

13. The dodge feat grants a +1 dodge bonus to AC while you are not flat-footed instead of its usual bonus.

14. Rangers and monks use d10 as their hit dice.

15. Preparation of spells takes 1 minute per level of spell memorized. 0 level spells take 1 minute each, rather than 15 minutes total.

16. Ninjas may choose to gain sneak attack dice rather than sudden strike dice.

17. Classes that base their spell DCs on one stat modifier and their spells per day on another may choose to use only one stat for all spellcasting.

18. An attack from a brilliant energy weapon is carried out against the enemies touch armour class.

19. The cleric and druid select their spells from a spell list rather than from all spells appropriate to their class and level. The default spell list is any spells in the player’s handbook and any spells from their deity’s domains that are castable as standard cleric spells. Spells from this list may be trade for spells of the same level from other approved sources at a ratio of 1:1.

20. Monks have a full base attack bonus progression, and may choose to deal unarmed strike damage instead of weapon damage with any weapon they can use flurry of blows with.

House Rules

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