The ship hired by the party and crewed by elven marines. Rzogas pays much of the cost.

The ship sails the party down the Resten, along the east coast of Lendore, back to the Resten and up to Restenford so Terent can be reincarnated.

The party then sails back past Mochdrev down the east coast, and then head west along the south coast of Lendore to the bay where Sucia is located. From there to the Isle of Blades. There is a brief attempt to visit TLB’s town, but they are warned away.

From there they sail continue west to South Point and then to Giant’s Claw. After Giant’s Claw they head to a spot in the ocean where they dive down, and then they head around the South Point and north up the west coast of Lendore. They near Stormport, and then they need to hide along the west coast of Lendore. They return to Stormport. The Skate is to meet them on the south coast of Lendore, on the western end at a prearranged point, after a drop at Giant’s Claw. The party is to head inland down to the meeting place.


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