Isle of lendore

[Day 1-3] The Hobgoblin Group

So finally four of us showed up, finished making up our character
sheets, and got started.
DM pulled a fast one and said we each had to know two of the other
characters, so much for not being comfortable around all those human

So I met Marlow, this human guy, four years ago, we spent a couple of
months in the bush. Nice enough guy, but couldn’t find his way around
an oak tree. Someone had to keep an eye on him as he crossed our
territory, and he wasn’t going to make it without help so we travelled
together for a bit.

I’m on the Walk of the Four Winds now, for all of you non-raptorans that
means I need to build up enough strength in my wings to be able to fly,
I only glide now. When I can fly far enough, as in up into our home in
the cliffs, I am welcomed back to the flock as an adult. I’ve been on
the Walk for a few months now.

I left my home island of Tiranée (sp?) and took a ship to Lendore.
While I was waiting for the ship I met these two types, a monk named
Terent and his companion Al’lien, a warblade. They were these monastery
types, who are journeying, but good for debating, which we had plenty of
time to do on the ship. Terent has some strange ideas but he and
Al’lien are almost as lean as raptorans, though not quite as tall, so
they were alright.

So when we get to Lendore, Terent takes us to meet this childhood friend
in Kronten, who he hasn’t seen since he left for the monastery. Turns
out it’s Marlow, now a psion. We end up taking a commission to stop
bandits who are lifting travellers of their armour, weapons, and money,
but nothing else. They’ve been at it for a couple of months. Al’lien
did most of the bargaining fortunately. I’m not much for taking the
lead. Marlow wasn’t too sure but we worked it out. There were three
types hiring us, Noff, the town constable, Brendan Wade an influential
burgher type, and this weird mercenary of the Steel Vipers named Luka,
who Al’lien told us after didn’t smell right, not a people smell

So we left headed off south towards Restenford, since that was the road
where these night-time attacks were taking place. So there was this
type on the way, a hobgoblin with a wolf. The hobgoblins were native
here before all these new peoples came and took away their place. So he
wasn’t happy we were there. He said something about his boss not wanting
us there. And he just shot at us with his bow, then pulled out his
falchion, and took us down. All of us, first my hawk, then me when I
attacked him, then Al’lien, then Terent, and finally Marlow who ran away
and still got taken out. Fortunately some kindly farmers looked after
us for a few days, til we got back on our feet. I can’t believe it.
One guy took us all down. We’re like as nervous as a bull in teashop
now. When we see that guy again with his wolf, I’m sure we’ll all just
turn tail and run. He was impossibly difficult. You should have seen
Al’lien, his fighting is like a mystical dance, there is such grace and
power in it, it was almost hard to concentrate watching him. And Terent
is a blur.

I met a wolf who has agreed to be my companion. It is strange having a
four legger, a walker instead of a flyer, but we get along well. We
ended up following the tracks of a cart, for sometime off the road and
through the forest and out. It turned out it was a merchant travelling
to a lizardman’s village to trade. Ah well, so we headed back. Then we
came across a second set of cart tracks which we followed. We had the
most exciting time.

We found the cart with these interesting folk, small, like small, maybe
four feet tall, black feathered but they don’t fly, or even glide. We
chatted with them, and Marlow has this interesting psionic crystal which
sneaked onto their cart and found that the bags on the cart had weapons
and armour of various types in them. Seemed cause to look into it
more. So Al’lien and I went to talk to them. I made friends with the
horse, which they had harnessed to the cart, and started leading it
away, while Al’lien tried to get them to sell him some of their goods.
They weren’t too keen on that, so we got into a fight. Marlow made this
great move and set the cart on fire. The wolf jumped into the cart with
Al’lien and they attacked these critters. Terent got knocked out and I
went to help him out. So, then, after I had left the horse, it spooked
from the fire, and took off. Then it got exciting. Al’lien and the
wolf got knocked out of the cart. Al’lien and I tried to get back in to
stop the cart and put out the fire. We both forgot to stay low, and
fell out again, so we had to start all over. Practically a comedy, so
we jumped back in. I put the fire out by summoning a water elemental,
and Al’lien cuts the traces so the cart would stop. And the horse is
truly gone, too bad since we were becoming friends.

So here we are in a smoky wet cart, with some loot, and no one left to
ask where these black feathered folk came from. No doubt if we could
take them out, they weren’t the ones doing the attacks, but they are
connected somehow, since they have this gear.
Pyfiravin, druid

DM comments:

Whoo! Now I don’t have to write my own AAR. Well mostly I just no longer have to summarize the campaign session. I still have to write my own notes.

Overall the session went, hmm… well, for the most part. Not as much was accomplished as I’d though, I’d planned on the party making it through the first three combat encounters rather than the first two, and for them to make more progress in five day of game time. I think my initial requirement of prior character association worked as well as I’d hoped with the debates between characters being kept relatively cool and intellectual. A relatively in medias res opening also helped bind the characters quite closely from the beginning despite using five different books for four characters (PHB, ToB, XPH, RotW, BoeD). I’d say that this experiment in campaign design was a success. It also interesting to point out that the major split in party opinion has been over the law/chaos divide rather than the good/evil. I’ve already rewritten, added or removed several future encounters in order to keep party growth moving appropriately towards my level two with appropriate equipment at end of adventure goal. You know it’s really hard to find a CR 1, primarily ranged fighting enemy that isn’t humanoid.

Most epic campaign moment: No action by the party is yet worthy for this title. For now it is held by a nameless hobgoblin fighter 1 who held a road against four enemies.

Least epic campaign moment: Two party members fall out of a cart when the horse pulling it bolts, one manages to jump back on only to fall out again (Balance DC to stay upright 10, balance DC not to fall out 6)

Amusing note: that hobgoblin defeated a EL 4 encounter earning 1200 experience which was enough to level it up to fighter 2. That thing just got a little more dangerous. Quickdraw was its level 2 fight feat if anyone wants to know.

Duscussion of next game date: I’ve had Monday February 16th suggested to me as the date of the next game how are you guys for then.



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