Isle of lendore

[Day 108-112] Killing Isle of Blades Merrow‏

Questions? We have killed all the merrow who are on the Isle of Blades. There are two (so far) zombie merrow. How did they come to be, what made them undead? Where is the rest of the merrow community? underwater?

While we’re sailing towards the town of belonging to TLB (DM to give us the name of the town), can we peruse the maps and charts found in the footlocker, and discuss with the appropriate mariner on board?

DM, I’m not sure I have the passage of time correct here. Can you please confirm?
Content Not Found: drasin_ green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 5
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 5 and Coral the sea snake
Content Not Found: aerynn_ elf Rogue level 4, (Content Not Found: terent still a kobold female Monk level 3)
Content Not Found: rzogas
hobgoblin Swordsage level 4 (ECL 0)

Content Not Found: josh human Fighter level 4
unknown spellcaster -wizard?

[Day 108, not so late in the day] We search the Merrows’ bodies, and find an arcane scroll (web, invisibility, misdirection), and a divine scroll (bless, magic stone, jump), and a wand of detect magic with 46 charges remaining (use one later, amethyst decanter). [I think we sleep somewhere here??]

We see three Merrow heading from one of the several shipwrecks drawn up to the beach (in the best shape) to a cave up on the mountainside. Aerynn goes to investigate the cave. Before the entrance a large patch of a green shiny substance, not acidic. He quietly moves into a circular cavern about 25ft in diameter, central pillar, perhaps 15 ft high. There is a zombie Merrow here. Aerynn, still invisible continues past it to a second cavern. It looks U shaped, and here he comes upon a sea hag and another zombie Merrow. In this cave, he came in from the south, there is another passage leading to the south east, and a third (I believe). What Aerynn finds is that there are stone textured curtains blocking off an area near a pillar in the second cave. It isn’t really a U shaped space, but before he can investigate further, the sea hag screeches an alarm as it becomes aware of him. Aerynn manages to escape with only an ogre fist smashing into him.

We head next to the ship the Merrow came from. There is no one there, but we find several concealed stashes: 10000 cp, 1000 sp, 1 amber gem, a silver challice set with lapis lazuli, a magical amethyst decanter that is imbued with a permanent detect poison spell. We see two Merrow setting up an ambush above the cave entrance. We can’t tell if they have any ranged weapons. I fly up with the ring of invisibility to check. Should have left it to Aerynn, they hit me with several javelins – it appears they did have distance attacks. I land unconscious, still invisible, on the slope some distance from the ship. The others manage to get me back on my feet and back to the ship.

Three Merrow come down from the cave to attack. We barely make it back to their ship and set up defensive positions on deck. I summon a black bear which a Merrow kills very rapidly. We try hard to stay out of their reach, which is considerable with the long spears they carry. I call lightning, which does start to affect them, but they are hard to hit. Again I stay near to Rzogas (he needs healing with little notice) where we are holding one entrance to the ship. Coral leaves a place of safety to attack one of them. She is killed. I summon a dire wolf, Fang. We do succeed in killing them, and head to the cave. A very scary way of triggering the ambush. Rzogas has a short time with Fang before the summoning ends.

We manage to destroy the zombie Merrow in the first cave without too much danger to ourselves. Quite a different story in the next cave. The sea hag’s horrifying appearance affects Drasin’s sensibilities so much, he is weakened, and is unable to help us at all. Aerynn is dazed by the sea hag’s evil eye, and can’t move from where he stands. Rzogas and I are trying to keep us from all dying. I’m balancing healing with using the lightning against the zombie Merrow and the hag. There are almost no charges left in the wand of lessor vigour. We’re feeling very vulnerable. My last lightning bolt manages to kill the sea hag. Finally, there is only one Merrow, who is squeezing next to the pillar, and it has less mobility. Aerynn holds it off at the front, while Rzogas heads behind it. We manage to finish it, while keeping the others from dying. We find a footlocker behind the curtain. Rzogas smashes the unlocked footlocker behind the curtain. In it we find a large stack of maps and charts, 900 sp and 120 gp, a ring and a necklace inset with sun stones. We gather up our treasures and we head back to the Skate using the Bronze Griffon, to recover. [Day 109?]

Ensues a big discussion about what we should do next. Aerynn wants to explore the rest of the cave system, we haven’t eliminated the possibility of the statues being there. There is consensus that we will do that. We need to resupply though. Rzogas suggests we could go north. I’m not falling for that one. I’m not taking him north, he’ll just work himself and probably us back into that goblin uprising! Drasin makes a frightening and eminently practical suggestion that we head to the closest town to get more magical healing and alchemical supplies, at The Lady Brightwater’s. Aerynn explains that TLBThe Lady Brightwater’s favourite food is elves, and he’s one. Somehow Drasin’s reassurance that we will be accepted as we’re working for him, doesn’t make us feel much better (Raptorans descend from elves, I’m sure the difference is negligible to her.). It takes two days for us to recover from the sea hag’s horrifying effects, and to heal. That leaves us close to The Lady Brightwater’s town. [Day 110 – Day 112?]
Decision time.




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