Isle of lendore

[Day 115-125] Commune, Raptorans here we come? Woo hoo

Commune Questions

Please can you all take a moment to confirm the commune questions are correct. Aeerynn’s player and I are interpreting the outcome differently. I’m seeing only some of one statue on Lendore in TLB’s possession. He sees it that there could be more still on Lendore. So if we can get the questions right, we can debate logic and possibilities after. Thanks so much all.

Drasin green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 5
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 5 and Coral the sea snake
Aerynn elf Rogue level 5, (Terent now a male dwarf Monk level 5*)
Rzogas hobgoblin Swordsage level 4 (ECL 0)

Josh human Fighter level 4

Pyf here, Ready to stick by Rzogas, protect these people of mine. [Day 115] We head into the passage to the next cave. A seahag is nestled in a large pile of furs, another merrow zombie in the centre of the room. Aerynn leads the way, invisible. He sees the seahag first and again the overwhelming ugliness of the creature weakens him severely. I call lightning against the zombie, and cast Bull Strength to boost up Aerynn’s loss of strength. Able to move again, he then causes the sea hag to catch fire before he kills her, but not before she dazes first Pyf, and then Drasin. Rzogas is hurt by the merrow zombie’s long spear. I cure him. We succeed in killing the merrow zombie. I use the scroll of Lessor Restoration to further boost Aerynn’s loss of strength. We head into the next cavern, coming upon another zombie merrow, a room littered with ogre carcasses, and a terrible stench. The floor is slippery and covered with maggots. A cauldron heats in the fireplace. Drasin detects several small magic items in it, making hageyes, it appears. Aerynn, Drasin, and Coral are sickened by the effect of the room. The daze effect brings Drasin and Pyf to looking at the dancing flames in the fireplace. Aerynn takes the healing belt from Pyf, and he, Coral, and Rzogas fight off the merrow zombie. When it is all over, Aerynn finds a locked box by the fireplace. Thank goodness that Drasin in his inimitable way will bring in the Bronze Griffon. You never know with that man. Here we are, he and I dazed, really unable to do more than play pick up sticks together. And Aerynn and Rzogas weakened and infected. So despite Aerynn’s protests we head back to the Skate. I’m pretty much tied to the Griffon and pulled like a kite. It was exhilirating! We spend a week on the Skate recovering. Just as Drasin and Pyf are starting to get back on our feet, Aerynn, Rzogas, and Coral are hit by the Filth Fever. Once I am again able to cast spells, I start speeding up our recovery. Lucky we survived, thank you Drasin, Griffon. I’m flying over the ship at nights, thanking the stars, and those beyond the gods O Krykos, the unbroken circle. [Day 122] And we head back, and what do we do, either our brains have dribbled out of our heads, or a week leads to an arrogance or ignorance. I needed to spell Rzogas with Bear’s Endurance and Barkskin that he can take on these creatures. Magic Fang, Bull Strength, but no we do none of it. I should be castigated for such a failing. We do realize it is smarter to finish off the caves in the Isle of Blades from the first entrance we found, rather than the last, so we don’t take the chance of getting infected again. We head past the green slimy entrance, back to the U shaped cave, and on to the last cavern. Three merrow skeletons and an Ettin (two headed giant, maybe 12 feet tall, BIG), and of course a seahag. With Aerynn’s advice we draw the skeletons to us, through the narrow (for them) cave passage. Rzogas, using my quarterstaff, demonstrates how much more effective it is against skeletons. He jabs the staff from its sternum, up through its jaw, forces the staff backward, and snaps the skeleton, destroying it. He is so beautiful to watch when he fights. Coral goes in to attack the Ettin, it can at least be poisoned. She doesn’t succeed and the Ettin kills her. It does allow the others to approach without suffering any attacks, moving through the skeletons’ tremendous reach 10 feet arms, and 10 feet longspears. Pyf spends her time healing, and in between casting the spells to boost up Rzogas and Aerynn to keep them battling these foe. Drasin slows them, and immobilizes, saving our bacon again. Aerynn performs a spectacular sneak attack tumble against the Ettin, arrow in the eye (one of four). But we are going to have to retreat, we can’t succeed in this fight. Drasin calls the Bronze Griffon. to help Rzogas. It attacks with bite and claw fighting the Ettin, and then attacks the remaining merrow skeleton. Aerynn goes against the seahag. The Griffon finishes up the fight. We search this cave. In amongst the muck, a hageye, a sorry bag containing four white pearls, perhaps worth 90 to 100 gp each. The Ettin’s chain shirt was magical. Rzogas can make good use of it. There are no statues in the caves, though we search thoroughly. We fly back to the Skate once again, and now that we have cleared out most of the danger, the elf marines agree to come and help us search the ship graveyard. We spend three days searching the sea bottom around the island while they search the ship wrecks. There are no statues on the seabed, though we search thoroughly. There are no statues in the shipwrecks, though we search thoroughly. [Day 125] We return to the Skate to discuss our options. Rzogas and Pyfiravin believe that visiting The Lady Brightwater is our next obvious step. As an adult green dragon, she is very likely to know of treasure, if not to be holding treasure. And the statues would be worthy of including in her hoard. It is the obvious next step. Another possibility is to check South Point, the southern most west point of Lendore, where the Agamemnon might have lost the statues. Pyfiravin’s suggestion of heading up river north of Sucia, to find the third statue’s possible location is not received well. Neither Pyfiravin nor Rzogas want the other to head north at this point. Aerynn is clear. He is interested in getting rid of evil and finding treasure. He would be agreeable to removing the Sahuagin. He is not interested in seeing green dragons. Rzogas enjoys battle. As a student of the Art of War, he needs not to fight, but to fight well. He is interested in following Pyfiravin wherever she goes. Drasin is interested in following Pyfiravin wherever she goes. Drasin cannot be convinced we would survive a visit to ask the Lady Brightwater about her hoard. We consider going through her chieftains, rather than approaching her directly. We need a diplomat, for we are not one. Pyfiravin suggests Lord Lankin, an operative of hers. Perhaps he might direct us. Drasin and Aerynn are not convinced. (The DM reminds us of the augury and commune scrolls we have.) We decide to use the Commune scroll that we are carrying. Aerynn or Drasin have a chance to use the spell and see if it will help us determine our next path. We may ask nine questions. Drasin prefaces his questions to Hlal, his god, by explaining that all the questions relate to the three statues, which he describes (believed to be raptoran, giant owl, kenku made by the Yuanese) covered in gold and inlaid with gems that Pyfiravin is searching for.

Correction from Drasin’s player:

Questions are almost right. #6 & #7 also specified that we were talking about the statues that were not on lendor proper, but were within 100 miles of the coast. And, Aerynn’s player, you’re wrong. The answers we got leave no possibility of there being any more statues on lendor itself – the one in TLB’s posession is ‘part of one’, and there are no statues on the island that are NOT in her possession. 1. Are any of the statues on Lendore? YES 2. Are any of the statues on Lendore, in The Lady Brightwater’s possession? SOME OF ONE 3. Are any of the statues on Lendore, in The Lady Brightwater’s Rival’s possession? NO 4. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, on Lendore? NO 5. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore? YES 6. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore, in water? YES 7. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in 100 miles of the coast of Lendore, on land? YES 8. Are any of the statues, not in The Lady Brightwater’s possession, in the Osprey Raptoran’s possession? YES 9. Question asked by Drasin to Hlal and not relayed to the remainder of the party. Will the goblins win the war? UNCLEAR As a result, after some further discussion, we decide to head to the Osprey Raptoran Island, Giant’s Claw, to the south of South Point. It will be two days travel in the Skate, and we will wait off shore for them to agree that we can travel to them, Raptorans are very territorial. They will not accept us crossing into their territory without escort. To even agree to that, will take them several days, or weeks of debate. In preparation, Pyfiravin starts getting herself ready to purify water in quantity over the next few days. (Rzogas’ player, reminder since without character sheet: Exp for 4th lvl characters 2400, 5th lvl char 2150) Aerynn levelled to fifth level.
  • From Day 93:
Terent is reincarnated as a female kobold monk, and goes off to discover the kobold world. [Unknown to us over the next thirty days or so: She gets rejected by the kobold clans and returns to Almax in Restenford for jobs and tasks to do in the name of good. Almax has Terent running errands, collecting pieces for the gnarliest bong, and she is returning from Garrotten when she is ambushed by the Steel Vipers (the mercenary group, the leader of whom, Luka, gave us our first task in this whole adventure) who are attacking a lone kobold. Terent doesn’t fight, tries to insist she is not an enemy, and is killed. Almax learns of this, and retrieves Terent and reincarnates her again, this time as a male dwarf.] [Day 125] Terent, has been a male dwarf now for several days. He finished his obligation to Almax in completing the gnarliest bong, and swears never to touch narcotics again. He heads off to an, unknown to us, destination. [Day 125] Only five days til my Str +1 footbow is made. Perhaps we should go back to Restenford and pick it up. Not sure I should face the raptorans without it.



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