Isle of lendore

[Day 173-183] Theimer lycanthropy cured!!!

Meach Tiefling Female Swashbuckler/Fighter/Dervish 6th level
Rzogas Hobgoblin Male Swordsage 7th level
Theimer (Rach Thrae Frahr) Dragonborn[Heart][Elf] Male Dragon Shaman 6th level
Pyfiravin Raptoran Female Druid 7th level

The party is in Restenford. Pyf is staying out of town, and is calling an animal companion.
Meach is shopping.
Theimer is waiting for the full moon. Quarren the Abbot of Restenford is able to cure lycanthropy.

Meach does the rounds of the shops and finds a number of interesting possibilities: a 6ft mahogany pillar, a granite pillar, a chestnut ring, two chess sets, a travelling one made of balsa wood, and the second of granite, satin slippers, a hornbill bracelet, a harpsichord, a stuffed pheasant, a bronze cloakpin, some bone marbles, a limestone pyramid.

Pyfiravin continues to try and determine the location of the maker of her brooch. Lord Lankin said he wanted the brooches looked after and returned. She has not succeeded in reaching him. And she thinks she can find out where to return them using her Circle Dance spell. From Restenford, she determines the location is south west.

Pyf calls a dire wolf, and spends time getting acquainted with it.
She prepares the spells necessary to boost the lycanthropy curing, resistance, cat’s grace.

On the night of the full moon 175 Quarren and the party head to a suitable place outside Restenford to watch the full moon rising. (There are three moons, only one is full astronomy.) Fortunately, only Theimer turns to a were-rat. It is a difficult spell even with Pyfiravin’s assistance. It succeeds and Theimer is cured of the lycanthropy. Celebrations and great feelings of relief all around.

Pyfiravin wants to return to Kronten. There are devils coming through the gate. Quarren is not well enough to come and close the gate. Pyf feels there are more and more evil creatures coming through, and we should be eliminating them.
The others feel we are not yet ready to take on that threat. We can’t defeat the Osyluth threat. So the party decides to head to [Stormport] where the champions of the Kronten Challenge of Champions, the Band of Blue Blades were headed to defeat the red dragon. We are more interested in the word that there are ships there. They may be able to assist with the attacks on Kronten.

The party heads overland to Stormport, almost due west of Restenford. Horses are purchased. Pyfiravin’s spells mean the passage is much easier. The party camps with a watch each night. One night they hear a dreadful scream, and like a covey of grouse flee in different directions. Theimer flies, the others flee on foot. As they return, they are attacked by shadow mastiffs. First Rzogas is attacked, Theimer sees him, and comes to assist. Meach makes it almost to camp when she is attacked. Shadow mastiffs killed the horses. The shadow mastiffs have adamantine collars. The party is interested in making them into collars they can wear.

The party walks, Rzogas rides the dire wolf. They reach Stormport [Day 181] and head to the port.
*They learn there are pirate ships crewed by ogres, trolls, hill giants.
*The [[Emerald], a Tirranean galley from Kronten has left for Tirenée to advise them of the situation there.
*They try to find out more about the red dragon that the Band of Blue Blades have gone to vanquish. They learn that the red dragon is exacting a tithe from Stormport young lasses and valuables. It is taken to the edge of Stormport where ogres take it to the dragon.

Meach and Pyf think they might be able to be hired on as porters or guards to find out where the red dragon is. Somehow Rzogas and Theimer misunderstand completely. They believe Pyfiravin is against attacking the red dragon. They want to attack the red dragon. The Band of Blue Blades had a marvelous sword, Supernal Clarity that they believe the red dragon now has, so they want acquire it. General confusion.

[Day 182] Meach performs, Pyf casts circle dance to triangulate the location of the red dragon. She leaves for the south coast of Lendore as a hawk (where the party was once to meet the Skate), to cast Circle Dance again.
While she is gone, the party negotiates a bounty with Yanus Rel Astra, a Yunese trader, from a moderately powerful Yunese clan, to get rid of the pirates:
5000 gp for the head of the goblin Capt of the Drake
100 gp for proof of each pirate crew killed.
2000 gp – 3000 gp for each other pirate ship sunk.
100 gp for their crews.
The party loads up a Cog?? their ship? and prepares to leave.

Pyfiravin arrives at the south coast and casts circle dance. She finds the location where the brooches are made. It is in central Lendore right in TLB’s territory. It is in the same place where the remaining portion of the gold statue of the dragonet is located. Now at least she knows where to go when it is time to return the brooches.
She casts circle dance to find the red dragon and finds a location south and slightly west of Stormport.

A camouflage elf (the same race s Lord Lankin) threatens Pyfiravin. She puts her hands up in the air, to indicate she is no threat. They have a conversation, and she explains she is trying to find the location of the red dragon, and the brooches. The elf calls in an airstrike of arrows. Pyf puts on the ring of invisibility, casts updraft, shoots up into the air, turns into a hawk and flies away, but not without more arrows hitting her. She flies away to where she can heal and rest on a crag. She returns to Stormport taking a route where she can see the dragon lair location.

[Day 183] The party is in Stormport with Cog loaded and ready to leave, Pyf returns in the afternoon.



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