Isle of lendore

[Day 93-98] Coral and Locathah

Drasin green scaled human Dragonfire Adept level 4
Rzogas hobgoblin Swordsage level 3 (ECL 0)
Pyfiravin raptoran Druid level 4
Terent kobold female Monk level 3, Aerynn elf Rogue level 3
Josh human Fighter level 4
Absent hélas:
unknown spellcaster – just saying at this point in the adventure, an arcane caster with fireball would be great. Short sighted view, but… we Need you!

[Day 93 almost] We’re heading north up the East coast of Lendore on our way back to Restenford. We stop at the bridge just above Restenford itself and I glide off the Skate and head over to see Almax, while the rowers turn her around. I take the shark statue of Sekolah with me, and use it as part of the payment for the reincarnation for Terent. Drasin coughs up the rest in gems and whatnot. While I’m gone, right there at the bridge, the rest of the party is accosted by Aerynn, Terent’s friend. He’s kind of hard to see at first, but Drasin spots him and they have a talk. It appears Terent wants Aerynn to help us out, and Aerynn is willing.

Terent is reincarnated as a female kobold monk, and goes off to discover the kobold world. [Unknown to us over the next thirty days or so: She gets rejected by the kobold clans and returns to Almax in Restenford for jobs and tasks to do in the name of good. Almax has Terent running errands, collecting pieces for the gnarliest bong, and she is returning from Garrotten when she is ambushed by the Steel Vipers (the mercenary group, the leader of whom, Luka, gave us our first task in this whole adventure) who are attacking a lone kobold. Terent doesn’t fight, tries to insist she is not an enemy, and is killed. Almax learns of this, and retrieves Terent and reincarnates her again, this time as a male dwarf.]

We leave on the Skate back up the Resten, and head down the coast to Mochdrev to return the statue of Deep Sashelas to the church. On the way, I call a poisonous coral sea snake as my animal companion. It is a beautiful creature of rich red, yellow and black, about six feet long. Aerynn knew Terent for about a month before Terent joined us. They became fast friends and enjoyed lots of discussion and debates together. We negotiate with Aerynn to let him use the ring of invisibility and Josh’s boots, to enhance his abilities in assisting us. I ask only that I be able to use the ring when seems necessary, and he and Josh work out an equivalent arrangement. We see some extremely large great white sharks, but we don’t stop. As we arrive in Mochdrev, we are greeted by Cyric, the aquatic elf, who seems surprised and not completely happy to see us. We ask Aerynn to follow him and see what he is about, but all we learn is that he is engaged in taking people deep sea fishing – not of much use there. When we take the statue of Deep Sashelas back to the church, they are still cleaning up the wreckage. They are very happy to have the statue returned and offer us a coffer of silver pieces. It comes in very handy and we purchase supplies there, two mirrors (steel), and gillyweed – an airweed used to allow us to breathe underwater for 10 minutes at a time.

The ship continues to resupply for the rest of the day, so we depart the following day [Day 97], South along the coast. We succeed in taking advantage of a very good North wind, and make it 56 miles down the coast before nightfall. The following day [Day 98] we reach the southern most tip of Lendore’s East coast and turn westwards and back up toward the bay where Sucia is to be found. I go to sleep at 4 am to, and the others awaken to, a cold day, snowy, and stormy. Drasin catches snow flakes.

As we reach the cove where the ruins of Sucia are, we see the wide mouth of the river. The land has fallen into the water, and most of the town is partially underwater. The buildings are submerged 5 feet or more. The river mouth is wide, perhaps 500 feet across, Sucia on the west side. We spend a couple of hours watching the ruined town for signs of habitation. And though we see a Merrow, and a couple of sharks, we don’t see other signs. We decide to check some of the larger buildings for records. There are two groups of larger buildings, one closer to the land, not so submerged, and the other closer to the river. We head in a couple of launch boats for one of the further ones, since we think the records are less likely to be damaged farther from the river. We circle around much of Sucia, and when we get there we are attacked by a crab, a very large crab. It knocks out the sea snake, but we end up enjoying a meal of crab and seaweed (no rice to be found unfortunately), before exploring the building. As we explore, we learn this is a large house of some previous important person. This isn’t where we want to be at all.

And then I remember! I have the Yuanese map of Sucia. Drasin can’t believe we forgot we had it. Rzogas didn’t remember either, and they were the two with me when we found it. I pull it out, and we pinpoint where the building that holds the archives and records is. So we retrace our steps (or paddles), and travel into the city along narrow water alleys only 15 feet wide. The launch boats take us as far as they can, sculling, which is slow. And then we get out and slosh through the water, all except Rzogas of course, who is astride his dire wolf. The water is deeper, perhaps 4 feet.

We don’t get far when we meet a group of five Locathah, red and white scales, maybe 5 feet tall, fish faces, fish folk in sharkskin leather armour carrying long spears and crossbows. We attempt to talk to them, explain we come in peace. The don’t seem very interested, and attack us. Despite our disadvantage in the water, we succeed in killing them. We pull the bodies up onto one of the buildings. I go ahead up top, to scout out the way, and I see the smoke from three fires. I use the ring of invisibility and check the two closest. In each there is a fire being doused, fish folk donning armour and weapons (in one case three, and in the other eight people.) I head back and we work out a way to go around them, and then to move faster. By setting alternating grappling hooks with ropes that those in the water could pull themselves along with, we double our speed. At one point Drasin spots a Locathah sentry, but Josh succeeds in taking it down with his cross bow. We take it up to the roof also, and continue on our way. We are about three quarters of the way to the archives, when we here drums. We need to find a place to defend ourselves as we will be sitting ducks against a large attack. From the building top, we see a three story building that looks in decent shape. We succeed in all getting up into the building, including the dire wolf. We hide in silence. Shortly after a group of sentry Locathah swim through. They use crossbows and they move fast. Of the three fish folk, one gets away and shortly after we hear drums.

We know we need to take a stand here. Our estimates of their fighting force is between 80 and 160 strong. We need to come up with some tactics to survive. On the ground level is about 4 feet of water, part of the floor to the second storey is missing, and at that level are Drasin, Rzogas, Josh, Coral the sea snake, and Rzogas’ dire wolf. On the top storey are Aerynn and Pyfiravin.. It is about 4 pm[, now day 99]. We may also need either to go for help from the marines, or to scout out the archives and see if there is even anything there worthy of our time.




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