Isle of lendore

Drasin's Diary

Update from Sucia

Yo! Writing to y’all from the ruined and wet city that’s ruined. And wet. Lesse, where we started off…we were gonna face an army of fishies! They didn’t seem too happy at us, so we all hid in a building to fight em. And then we…uh…we…<at>s corpses. Pity, I liked that big doggy.

Over the next day or two, me and Sneaky Elf found some shineys, which we shared with folks, and we met a few more critters. Some leeches attacked the guys reading boring books (we roasted em), and some nice green-scaled guys (YAY GREEN!) swam through. I wonder why they covered the green with black? Green is such a nice colour. Weeeeeird.



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